15 Reasons To Send Flowers To Your Girlfriend

Gifts are the ultimate way to show affection, appreciation and emotions. You can have a very strong reason to give a gift to someone, and none at all. Unfortunately, we aren’t that used to receiving gifts just because. There has to be a reason for a person to give a gift. Especially if a male is giving a gift unexpectedly, he must have done something wrong.

But let’s change the perspective on this. Why do we always have to believe that someone is trying to manipulate us by giving us a gift? What if this person shows affection to people by giving them gifts? This is his way of communicating, “hey you, you gorgeous person, I love you, so here’s a bouquet of flowers”.

So, if you’re a gift giver and you’re wondering about the legitimate reasons to give your girlfriend flowers, we’ll cover a variety of reasons. If you’re the one receiving a bouquet of flowers without any apparent reasons, this list will also help you decode his behaviour and his reason why.

Gift-giving is a love language

People whose dominant love language is giving gifts, they show their love by giving gifts to other people. They also love receiving gifts, but they can also just find joy in giving to another. So, if a person has an excessive need to shower the other person with gifts, it can be their way to show affection. If your love language is gift-giving, you can always send your girlfriend flowers and express your kindest emotions.

Just because you can

You don’t have to have a reason to send flowers to someone you care about. You can do this just because you can. You might be having a great day, but your girlfriend might be too busy to hang out with you. You can use this chance just to share that amazing energy and send her flowers.

You might feel like doing something out of the ordinary without any apparent reason. This can also inspire you to get a bouquet of flowers and give them to someone your care about.

It’s also a great way to bridge the communication gap

Couples do have rough patches. That is completely normal because our lives aren’t as perfect as the Instagram highlights reel. You might be having some communication issues, and there’s some distance between you two because of this.

If, for some reason, you don’t feel comfortable enough just to approach your girlfriend and say that you need to address this communication gap, send her flowers. Write a note that you want to spend a nice and cozy evening together to reconnect if communicating this directly is hard.

“I’m thinking of you”

When you send someone a text message or a funny meme, it just means that you’re thinking of them or that something reminded them of you. The same goes for sending flowers to someone. Especially if that special someone is your girlfriend, you’ll show her exactly how much you think of her. Flowers are always a beautiful gift, and it doesn’t have to be a special date or a special occasion. Every day is special if you only view it as such.

To show her you love her without saying “I love you”

Flowers have always been a way to express your love. Red flowers are a symbol of everlasting love. Red symbolises love, passion and joy and love. Nothing says love like a bouquet of red roses. But, if you organise red rose delivery when she least expects it, be prepared to receive some love when she gets home. There’s nothing more seductive than sending red roses in a luxurious package.

“I appreciate your efforts”

If you’re currently at a time in life when you can’t give your 100%, your girlfriend is probably the one taking up the extra effort. This is a reality of relationships. We all enter the relationship with the idea of showing up with 100% every day. It isn’t a fifty-fifty kind of relationship. On the contrary, if you want a relationship to work, you need to deliver 100% every day.

Because there will be times when your relationship capacity will be just at 70%, sometimes even lower. Your girlfriend will step in and take on the extra work. She’ll take care of your partnership until you can deliver your total capacity again. Buy your girlfriend some flowers and let her know that you appreciate her efforts.

“You’ve got this tiger. Let them hear you roar”

If your girlfriend has had a hard time at work, this is your cue to give her support when she least expects it. Moreover, if she’s working with a bunch of colleagues who love to gossip about people, give them some juicy material. Lastly, if she’s a successful woman climbing up the ranks at her company, she deserves to get a delivery at her office. Yes, you can always text or call her, but these are expected ways of expressing your support. But having a rich bouquet of flowers delivered straight to her office is a powerful statement. Write a meaningful message, like “You’ve got this tiger. Let them hear you roar”, and remind her that she’s got the strength to persevere and overcome any challenges and obstacles.

To apologize

Let’s be honest, there will be times when you’ll have to apologise. Whether you’ve missed a date, or an important social gathering, to throw out the garbage for the eleventh time,  or you’ve simply been inconsiderate, closed off and selfish. This list can go on and on, but the conclusion will always be the same. We all make mistakes, and when we do, we need to put on our bravest face and say, “I’m sorry”. Flowers might not be enough if you’ve done something more serious like cheating, but at least you could try. Anyway, flowers are definitely a way to apologise to our loved ones.

To surprise her with a thoughtful gesture

If it’s been a while since you’ve thrown a surprise for your girlfriend, don’t wait for Valentine’s day to get her flowers. You know that women want to receive flowers just because, without any apparent reason. When you throw her a surprise, no matter how big or small, you’ll send a particular message. You’re creative because you took the time to develop an idea.

You’re resourceful because you’ve managed to organise something intricate like a birthday party. You’ll also show that you are a thoughtful boyfriend if, on a random Wednesday, she receives a flower delivery at her office or while she’s working from home.

Because her mother is visiting

Listen, if you want her mom to think highly of you, in addition to being the gentleman to your girlfriend, send flowers because her mom is visiting. Especially if you’re suddenly too busy to go to lunch with her mom, you can play it smart and have flowers delivered for her mom. Just be smart because you should use this trick sparingly, because people might read through your actions. Joke aside, mom’s like flowers, so buy some for her mom.

It’s perfect for celebrating special occasions

If you have a special occasion coming up, like your anniversary, a birthday or a celebration, getting her flowers is a must. But this is where you can use flowers as a side gift, not the main one. She’ll probably expect a more serious gift and drop some hints as the date is coming closer. However, flowers are an ideal accessory to your main gift. It can be a single rose or any other unique, beautiful, delicate flower.

Because it’s Valentine’s day

You’ll need to celebrate one Valentine’s day together to learn your girlfriend’s attitude towards Valentine’s day. If she’s one of those women who love to receive a gift but she also appreciates thoughtful gestures throughout the year, you can get her something traditional and symbolic. If Valentine’s day is a big deal to her, you have to plan your gift in advance. Either way, flowers are mandatory on both occasions because red flowers are a symbol of love.

To express how much you miss her

If you have a long-distance relationship, you’ll have to rely on delivery services throughout the year. Especially when you go longer than usual without seeing each other, regular texting and face-timing might not be enough. That’s why you should have flowers delivered to her or other thoughtful gifts without any apparent reason.

If you’re on a break to figure out the future path of your relationship, you can also express how much you miss her through a flower delivery. However, if you’ve agreed to remain no contact during this period, ask her friends whether she’ll appreciate this or not.

To put a smile on her face

Maybe you’re feeling great because you’ve finished an important project. You might have gotten a promotion and want to do something great for your girlfriend. You might just be in the mood to make someone happier, so why not start with your girlfriend? If you want to put a smile on her face, arrange for her favourite flowers to be delivered.

To lift her spirits when she is feeling down

Flowers are an instant mood booster. If you don’t believe it, test it for yourself today. You can surprise your girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers because she’s feeling sad or she’s struggling with seasonal depression. It will lift her spirits and lighten her mood.

If you’re looking for a sign to send flowers to your girlfriend, we’ve given you plenty of reasons. Her joy will be your joy; we guarantee it.