6 Designer-Approved Layouts Perfect For Bathrooms of All Sizes

Deciding on your desired layout is the first step for any bathroom renovation. Create a space you can enjoy by getting the layout right. It is also crucial for planning which toilet bowl and bathroom accessories to buy. Here is a list of bathroom layouts designers approve.

#1 One-Sided Layout

It is a layout where the shower and sink are on the same side. It can help you save on plumbing costs since the bathroom taps in your home are on a single line. The layout also ensures the toilet is not the first thing you see when you enter.

#2 Forever Home

Your bathroom should be large enough since it will host a shower and a standalone bathtub. The tub will act as the centrepiece to lend the space an air of luxury. It also lets you hide your toilet bowl and accessories.

#3 Long & Narrow

The shower and the bathtub are on opposite sides of this layout. The shower stall sits on the same wall as the vanity. It is a beautiful and functional layout, especially with a window above the bathtub to add natural light.

#4 The Convertible

It can be challenging to predict when your needs will change. This bathroom layout features a bathtub you can convert into a shower whenever needed. It makes separating the toilet bowl with bathroom accessories easier.

#5 The Small Space

This bathroom layout features a stacked sink and makeup vanity across the shower. Choose an eye-catching tile design to be the focal point. On the other hand, opt for a dual shower tub if you do not want to sacrifice a soaking tub.

#6 The Master Bath

This bathroom layout features two wash basins in your home’s bathroom. It is perfect for spacious bathrooms that fit both a standalone tub and a walk-in shower. It also makes your tub the focal point.

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