A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Conquer Ragnarok X: Next Generation with Redfinger

Ragnarok X: Next Generation, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Gravity and published by Nuverse, was launched in June 2023. The game has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm with its vivid graphics, an enormous open world, and a plethora of adventures, including character development, life skills enhancement, and classic job creation. This guide is designed to help new players get started with Ragnarok X: Next Generation and become expert adventurers.

Choosing a Class and Starting the Journey

ROX currently features six different classes, each with two subclasses. These classes have unique abilities, attack styles, and skills that players must master to succeed. It is crucial for players to choose a class that fits their playstyle and preferences.

Here are the classes and their respective subclasses, along with their attack styles and skills:

Archer (Hunter or Dancer): Double Strafe, Arrow Shower, Arrow Repel, and Ankle Snare (Trap/Ranged Attack/Falcon)

Merchant (Blacksmith or Alchemist): Midas Touch, Mammonite, Cart Revolution, and Crazy Uproar (Flexible/Berserker/Zeny)

Thief (Assassin or Rogue): Brute Force, Ambush, Venom Knife, and Hiding (Crit Assassin/Poison Assassin/Stealth Assassin)

Swordsman (Knight or Crusader): Bash, Magnum Break, Endure, and Provoke (VIT Knight/AGI Swordsman/Spear Knight)

Acolyte (Priest or Monk): Healing, Blessing, Holy Light, and Kyrie Eleison (Exorcist/Force/Praise)

Mage (Wizard or Sage): Ghosts, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind (Ice+Lightning/Earth+Fire/Fire+Ghost)

Completing Quests to Progress

Completing quests is essential for players to level up and progress in the game. Quests not only provide gold and XP but also unlock features and rewards that players can use to enhance their characters. The game has three categories of quests: main quests, side quests, and daily quests.

New players should focus on completing the main quests, as these quests provide a foundation for the essential activities in the game. Additionally, players can enjoy the game’s storyline as they complete these quests. Side quests, on the other hand, provide insights into the functions of various features in the game, such as how to smelt materials, upgrade equipment, and harvest items for crafting.

Mastering Life Skills

ROX features a variety of life skills that players can employ to become stronger. Players can use Odin’s blessing points to get stamina points, which enable them to use these skills. The life skills in the game include fishing, mining, gardening, smelting, cooking, and crafting.

Fishing is the ideal choice for players who are busy at work since they can do it while AFK with auto fishing rods. By mastering life skills, players can craft better items, acquire rare materials, and level up their characters.

Joining a Guild System

The guild system in ROX enables players to receive EXP bonuses when they work together. The more players in a guild, the higher the EXP bonuses. Players can join a guild system when they reach level 20, and each guild has various orders that players must follow, such as submitting ingredients.


Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an MMORPG that offers players a chance to experience various classes and life skills. By following this guide, new players can master the essential elements of the game, including choosing a class, completing quests, mastering life skills, and joining a guild system, an online android emulator Redfinger.