Best of Nagarjuna Movies to Watch This Weekend

Akkineni Nagarjuna is a film actor and producer who is referred to as the “King” of the Telugu Cinema Industry. Nagarjuna acted in many movies and has received multiple awards for his performances. Along with the awards he has received for his acting, he has also received awards for his production and is a big name in the Telugu Cinema Industry. There are three Nagarjuna films that I would suggest you watch this weekend if you have the time. Those movies include; Geetanjali, Nuvu Vastavani, and Ninne Premista.

Geetanjali is an Indian Telugu romance film that Nagarjuna acted in, which was released on May 10th of 1989. He ended up playing the lead role of Prakash, who is a college student. The film ended up receiving multiple awards, including; the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment along with seven Nandi Awards. Geetanjali is a must-watch.

Nuvu Vastavani is another romance film that featured Nagarjuna as a lead role playing as Chinni. The film is produced and released on April 5th of 2000. While Chinni falls for Indu, a series of events projects him as a lousy man before her. Amid so many twists, will Indu understand his admiration for her?

Ninne Premista is a Telugu film that became a Super-Hit in the box office. Nagarjuna plays the role of Srinivas in this film. Kalyan tragically loses his eyesight in an accident. After an operation, he finds himself drawn to Meghana, but she doesn’t reciprocate and reveals the dark truth behind her affection for Kalyan. Despite all, Kalyan decides to continue loving her.

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