Maharashtrian Jewellery: Tips for Styling Modern Maharashtrian Bride

Every culture has fixed traditional gold jewellery and attire essential for every bride to wear on her wedding day. The same goes with a Maharashtrian bride who looks stunningly beautiful in her Maharashtrian jewellery worn with a Paithani saree. Many brides look for a mixture of traditional and modern styling these days where they want to wear their outfits along with uniquely designed modern jewellery. 

If you want the fusion of modern and traditional styling on your wedding day, you are at the right place. In this article, you will get some very useful tips and tricks for modernizing the wedding look of a Maharashtrian bride.  

  • Color of Attire: Green color is considered the most auspicious one in Maharashtrian culture and due to this, most brides prefer to wear a green or yellow color sarees on their wedding day. But if you want to try something different, various new color options are available in the market now for your nauvari saree. You can choose combinations like bright cerulean blue, rose-hued saree with a turquoise blouse, beautiful red, bright eggplant-hued saree, refreshing royal blue, etc. depending on the combination you love the most.
  • Jewellery Selection: Maharashtra has a very rich culture and the jewellery designs are very unique. The Marathi bridal look is incomplete without the traditional Maharashtrian jewellery designs. You can wear various uniquely designed jewelry pieces to give a heavy a bridal look yourself like gold ear cuffs called “Kaan” that cover the complete ear, vel that is the extended pearl strands from hair to earrings. If you want a unique look other than the usual Maharashtrian bride, a little research on the jewellery designs can help in modernizing your look.
  • Draping Style: Isn’t it boring to drape your saree in a usual manner that is done by other ladies as well. How will you look different from others then? Usually, the brides drape in a normal way or nauvari style but now you can try various stylings to modernize your look. A little research is required for the same as well and you can try different ways before your final day. You can also try Peshwai drape or Mastani drape that will make you look stunningly beautiful and unique from usual Marathi brides.
  • Experiment with your Jewellery: Gold is the most beautiful and auspicious metal worn by every bride on her wedding day. But if you want a different look, you can experiment with your bridal jewellery. You can try silver or diamond jewelry designs that match your attire. 
  • Statement Blouse: Usually, the bride wears the matching blouse that is already attached to the saree. But this styling is old now. If you are looking for something different, pick a statement blouse with a lighter kind for your wedding saree. You can pick different embroidery designs, and patches that can be designed on your blouse to give a unique styling look to it.

It is the dream of every bride to look most beautiful on her special day and following the above tips will make you look stunningly unique from the usual Maharashtrian bride.