Office Cleaning Singapore: How Often Should You Call Commercial Cleaning Services?

In this time of the COVID-19 global pandemic, regular office cleaning in Singapore is a must. It protects the employees and guests from contracting the deadly virus. It is why governments mandate regular office cleaning as part of workspace health protocols. There are still managers who are clueless about how often regular office cleaning and disinfection should be. 

Here are the factors that will help you determine how often you should call your office cleaner in Singapore: 

1. The building occupants

Some offices share buildings with other establishments. For example, there could be a dental clinic or a daycare centre beside your office or above your floor. It means that you also share the same facilities, like stairs and lifts.

There are tons of respiratory droplets in a dental clinic that could be a source of infection. Children from daycare centres contract viruses easily.

If you share the building with other occupants, you must call your office cleaner and services daily. 

2. Number of employees

If you have less than ten employees, weekly office cleaning will suffice. If you have more than ten employees, you can do it daily. The general rule is, the more employees and guests you accommodate each day, the more frequent your cleaning should be. You can discuss the arrangement with your office cleaning services in Singapore. 

3. Size of the office

Larger offices typically have other facilities, such as a kitchen, pantry, and several bathrooms. These areas commonly harbour bacterias and viruses that could spread in the workspace. It is ideal to have someone in the office or personnel from commercial cleaning services who can clean these areas daily.

4. Number of visitors 

You receive a handful of visitors each day, it is ideal to have a clean office that will welcome them. It leaves a positive impression on them. 

5. Season

It is a no-brainer. You can double the frequency of your office cleaning in Singapore during the flu season. 

You can determine how frequently you should call your office cleaner by considering these factors.

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