Signs You Need a New Coffee Machine

Having a Bezzera coffee machine at home brings many benefits, including convenient preparation and cost-effectiveness. 

You want to ensure that your coffee machine is still functioning. While proper care and upkeep can help Bezzera coffee machines last longer, it is not uncommon for your appliance to show signs of impairment over time. Moreover, some damages cannot be fixed and will need replacement. 

The following are some signs you need to get a new coffee machine. 

The coffee machine leaks

A leak is frequently the first indicator of possible damage, and you may see pools of water collecting around the equipment. Puddles and drips are not a sign of negligence. Instead, they are anindication of straining seals that have grown brittle and are no longer holding together as well as they should. 

Water is cooler

If you notice that your coffee is cooler, this may be due to a broken heating element. A defective heating element produces weak and slightly sour coffee. While it is possible to replace it, locating the appropriate components might be difficult or costly.

Lack of steam pressure

Another telltale sign of a defective coffee machine is a shortage of steam pressure. This means that the boiler and its components are overfilled, and sections are not functioning correctly.

Coffee pods

It can be frustrating when a coffee machine only accepts particular coffee pods or k-cups.If the coffee maker stops manufacturing a specificpod type or if coffee variations in a particular pod become uncommon, it may be time to replace your coffee maker.

Burnt taste

Do you notice that your coffee tastes like it is burnt? If it is overheated, it may be due to water scaling in the lines. The heat exchange becomes clogged with scaling over time, and the hot water burns the coffee.

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