Tips to Get Rid of Fruit Flies 

Fruit flies can be quite annoying and unpleasant. While the site of the flies roaming around the fruits you consume can irritate you, they are certainly not good for your health. Fruit flies are pretty challenging to avoid since they are tiny in size and can enter from the smallest gaps possible. However, with the proper steps and ways, you can ensure your house doesn’t have fruit flies roaming around. Fruit flies never travel solo; you will always find them in packs of multiple files, which makes it even more challenging to get rid of them.

While dealing with a few small bunches of fruit flies might be simple, the problems get worse when these flies increase in numbers after a point; they can become a nuisance in your house, and no matter how much you try, these flies do not budge. So the best way to get rid of fruit flies permanently is to call a local pest control service. 

Tips to get rid of fruit flies 

  1. Detect the source 

First, you need to identify the source from which the fruit flies are attracted to your home. For example, it could be the smell of some fruits kept uncovered in the kitchen or dishes lying around the sink for hours without washing. 

Things like these circulate the smell of the food around your home, attracting pests like fruit flies. So it is crucial to identify the source or reason these fruit flies become frequent visitors to your home. 

Once you have detected the source of why they are attracted to your home, make sure to eliminate all the resources for them. In addition, there might be more than one resource by which fruit flies are attracted to your home. 

So when you are looking for resources that provide them food and energy, continue after you have found one of them. Go ahead and inspect your entire home, including all the rooms. 

Remember to check your garbage can where you dispose of wet waste. Sometimes when you leave the bin uncovered, it becomes a pen tail spruce for fruit flies to roam around your home. Nevertheless, if you have compost or fertilizer in your garden, you must cover that to avoid attracting these pests. 

  1. Thoroughly clean common places 

Once you have also detected the sources and treated the spots to ensure fruit flies do return, you must clean all the common areas of your home thoroughly. Cleaning these areas will ensure there are no traces of fruit flies or that they do not find even the smallest of resources in your home.