Top 4 Must-Have Jeans For Men

Jeans for men are one of the staples in every man’s wardrobe. They are a must-have that can be worn anytime and anywhere, from skinny jeans to straight jeans, slim fit or bootcut. However, the kind of jeans best suit you depends on your body type. So, before you go on a shopping spree for jeans, know which kind would give you the best look. Below is a complete guide on various types of jeans for men.

Skinny jeans for men:

Skinny jeans work best for you if you have got skinny legs. You can easily flaunt your toned legs in them. They are usually tight around the thigh up to the ankles, which helps to give a sharp look to your styling. They can also be sprayed on. Nowadays, skinny jeans are hugely popular among men of all ages. So, don’t hesitate to try out a pair today. You can style it with a T-shirt, sweater or even a jacket.

 Regular fit jeans for men:

If you are not fond of tight-fit jeans or have a medium body type, regular-fit jeans are just the one for you. They fit loosely around your thighs and have large leg openings. Though they do not give you a sharp or edgy look, they are very comfortable for humid weather.

Regular fit jeans have been in the fashion industry for decades and are still known for being uber comfortable and trendy. So, try out this simple cut today with dark plaids and brown boots.

Bootcut jeans for men:

Have you ever seen a Texan cowboy in the movies? If yes, you surely did not miss his bootcut pants. As the name shows, bootcut jeans are uniquely designed to accessorise boots.

They are nicely widened from the knee towards the ankle. They have a subtle flare that covers the upper part of the boot. They are slightly different from bell bottoms. So have that cowboy look with a nice dark bootcut and a plaid. 

Slim-fit jeans for men:

Do you confuse skinny jeans with slim-fit jeans? People often do not see the subtle differences between the two cuts. Well, let me tell you the difference. Slim-fit jeans are looser than skinny-fit jeans and do not cling to your ankle and thigh as tightly as a skinny fit. They also have wider legs which provide extra flexibility. 

If you feel conscious and uncomfortable in a skinny fit, try switching to a slim fit. Put on a white T-shirt with a slim denim fit and see the difference!

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