Welding Safety Equipment Guide

Welding is an essential process for several industries in Australia. However, being vital to many operations, it is also a strenuous and risky business for welders. And this is precisely why welding safety equipment comes into the picture.

Fortunately, most markets are equipped with welding safety equipment, such as welding gloves and speedglas adflo helmets in Perth. Read on as the blog decodes all the top safety equipment and accessories that must be used during welding tasks.

Hand gloves

The Australian Welding Institute (AWI) is a globally known, non-profit organisation representing the community’s interests in the Australian welding and fabrication industry.

They provide a list of rules and codes that must be followed for safe and effective welding in Australian cities like Perth – which has strict regulations to use the right equipment and accessories for safety.

As you know, welding is all about the hands and their use. Everything from handling the molten metal to managing the direct heat is done by the welder’s hands.

And that is precisely why it is so essential to make sure your hands are safe during the process. On this account, you should make use of heat-resistant gloves that are specially curated for the welding process. You can find many different options for welding gloves in the market to match your needs.

Welding helmets

The welding helmet is made to protect the welder’s face along with the head from the infrared and ultraviolet rays of the welding arc. Speedglas adflo helmets in Perth are a saviour for this purpose!

These helmets are curated so the welder can still view the molten weld puddle or pool. Moreover, there are several types of helmets available in the market right now that you can choose from, such as wide lenses, auto-darkening lenses, and flip-front ones.

The best-rated one among these is the auto-darkening helmet, which has a lens that clearly shows and allows welders to observe the joint before the arc is stricken. Upon striking the arc, the lens darkens to the usual, standard view of the welding pool and its puddle.

Welding glasses

Just like you wear sunglasses to save yourself from the intense heat – welding processes are incomplete without safety glasses. These glasses save your eyes from all the adverse effects of the welding job; these include ultraviolet and infrared rays.

You will find many brands that provide users with shield glasses so that the corners of the eyes are well protected as well. Not just that, these glasses are a must for people who work around welders too.

Welding jackets

Just as you cover your face, it is also essential that you ensure your body is safe from the ill effects of welding. To this account, many welding stations have welding jackets that need to be worn compulsorily – these jackets are made from soft leather.

Generally, such welding jackets will cover the mid part of the body – from the neck to the waist. So, it is aimed at protecting the upper body along with the neck of the person from the hot metal globules and the sparks that are being constantly produced.

Wrapping up

That’s all there is on the essential safety equipment required during welding. There are several other added accessories in the market, such as welding caps, pliers, wire brushes, and slag hammers. And we strongly recommend you to go and check out these at a store to understand your requirements.