What Makes Up The Funeral Cost In Singapore?

Funerals can be expensive. As much as possible, we don’t want to leave the financial burden of funerals when we die. It is why many people today are more open to considering getting funeral pre planning packages in Singapore

Apart from shouldering your own funeral cost in Singapore through these plans, you also remove the stress and emotional burden of arranging and organising your funeral from your friends and relatives. 

But what makes a Singapore funeral expensive? Here are the factors that affect its cost:

1. Funeral parlour services

One of the things that increases a funeral cost is the funeral parlour services. 

Your funeral director in Singapore is instrumental in arranging the funeral. Some services take over the planning at the mortuary by overseeing the embalming and preservation of the corpse.  

They will also clothe the corpse and make them look presentable and dignified. Your funeral services will also arrange the venue and logistics and assist the bereft family on the funeral programme. 

2. Funeral essentials

Apart from paying for the venue, the bereaved family must also take care of the coffin, urn, some funeral flowers and wreaths, food and snacks for the guests, and sometimes an honorarium for the funeral officiant.

3. Burial lot and columbarium

Burial lots and columbariums also add to your funeral cost in Singapore. A lot or columbarium could cost thousands of dollars, and their price continues to appreciate over time. 

It is why many consider funeral pre-planning to evade appreciation costs.

4. Wake duration

Wakes can be a weeklong period, depending on the cultural and religious beliefs of the departed. The bereaved family must consider the daily rent for the venue and the snacks and drink supplies. 

5. Logistics

Logistics can be expensive for two reasons; first, the corpse has to be transported from overseas to Singapore and second, it should be buried in its home town. Transportation increases the funeral cost in Singapore significantly. 

Now that you know what makes up the funeral expenses, you may consider funeral pre planning packages in Singapore. 

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