Why is Gen-Z Obsessed with Astrology?

Astrology is an example of a meme. People have been jokingly attributing their misfortunes to mercury being in “retrograde” for yonks, and they have classified “the indicators as” absolutely everything, including breeds of cat, Oscar Wilde lines, characters from Stranger Things, and sorts of the chip. However, astrology is one of the few memes exhibiting reverence and affection for the subject matter.

Since some time ago, millennials have been walking a fine line between making fun of astrology and believing in its validity. When taking into account the decrease in religion in western countries, this seems to illustrate that people will always, in some manner, search for mysticism. However, this has been made easier with the numerous astrology app available to the millennials.

However, members of Generation Z are taking their fascination with astrology to an entirely new level through social media. According to the opinions of various experts, in today’s stressed and information-driven society, people may be seeking solace and perhaps a good laugh from the constellations in the night sky.

The Practice Of Astrology:

In certain respects, the intent age and Generation Z are ideal candidates for the practice of astrology. There is a low threshold for access, yet there are almost unfathomable depths to explore if you have the time. This cultural wave of astrology apps has been given a certain erudition due to the increased availability of more in-depth information online.

Graham Tyson, a psychologist, conducted a study in 1982 in which he found that people who consult astrologers, my astrologeror their astrologer do so as a response to stressors in their lives. He stated that ‘under high stress, people end up resorting to astrology for use as a mechanism of coping.

According to several studies, including this one by the American Psychological Association, Generation Z is the generation that is currently experiencing the highest levels of stress, and they are also the generation that is most likely to report that their levels of stress have increased over the previous five years. In addition, according to the survey findings, Generation Z and Millennials members were substantially more likely to report feeling stressed out as a result of reading or watching the news.

It is not difficult to understand why this is the case, given that issues such as global warming, political squabbling, and international violence will only become more ingrained in our future.

Astrology can be a guiding light for people going through difficult times, giving them what appears to be a glimpse into the future. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by pessimism and the randomness of life, it might be soothing to have someone define your activities as part of a larger plan, and this can help you see how your actions fit into the bigger picture.

Astrology & Solace:

The secular society of the west has made it increasingly unfashionable to find solace in religious practices; consequently, astrology has emerged as the “cool” new way to investigate the cosmos in search of explanations.

Despite many young people developing an interest in astrology, they continue to assert that they do not technically believe in it. This is perhaps the most surprising aspect of the resurgence of the mystical, given that Generation Z is an exceptionally skilled generation in conducting research. A genuine and growing interest in the art does not necessarily imply that people are giving up rationality in large quantities; instead, it only suggests that something about astrology app is filling a void that has been there.

The desire to try to construct stories that make sense of the events that happened to us is innate to the human condition. And the shift away from a religiousness that has in the past generated so much conflict to something safe to meme about may be, in general, a beneficial thing for our generation.

The acute dependence on the grid that many young people feel nowadays is starting to wear them down, and they are getting worn out from using dating apps and other forms of social media. In this day and age of quantified self, tracked locations, and indexed responses to any question that could be asked, Gen Z appears to be yearning for something more.


In addition, millennials and members of Generation Z may be more at ease with living in the grey area between scepticism and belief because they have spent such a significant portion of their lives on the internet, which is a domain that can exist in both the natural world and the virtual world. Hence, astrology is something which has been proven since years and there is a valid science behind it which has backed it up.