Why Play Games with Girls?

There are hundreds and thousands of games out there with multiplayer and millions of gamers you could play with. You could get matched up with them randomly in lobbies or in character selection screens, or you could also look for them in various websites and places. One of, if not the best place to find other gamers is Gank. One of the gamers you will encounter here and in lobbies are girl gamers.

If it were maybe about a few years ago, you’d probably have a hard time finding them, but that’s not the case now. They are not that hard to find anymore. Many of them have become successful in Esports tournaments and many of them went on to become famous YouTubers and streamers. A lot of them also make a living through Gank, having people hire them to play with them. But why exactly would you like to play with them?

Nice to Play With

It is known through multiple studies that women are more sensitive than men. This would mean that it would be rare for you to team up with a loudmouth, toxic girl gamer. The ones I’ve teamed up with wouldn’t want to hear someone insult them and they wouldn’t want to insult others either. They’re perfect as a relaxing partner who doesn’t mind if I die over and over again. They might get irritated, yes, but they wouldn’t just blatantly cuss me out.

Even if it were a ranked game, my teammates would just say “good game” and “better luck next time”. I always have a blast whenever I play games with girls because they make it so that nobody in the team gets stressed.

They Could Carry You

There are a lot of girl gamers out there who seem to be new to a game but would decimate the competition. There were these girl gamers who carried me to master rank in Call of Duty Mobile. I was one of the very first plays of CoD Mobile when it first came out but these girls were on a whole other level. I stopped playing after a few years and decided to come back, and when I first played with them, they were running, sliding, and jumping all over the place, while I was having a hard time just trying to aim down the enemies. They made me feel like a kid watching professionals do the work.

However, they didn’t make me feel left out. They helped me as well whenever I needed their help. They also taught me as we were playing. They helped me get to know about what’s new in the game, which guns are strong, how to move quickly, etc. 

They’re Fun to Play With

Trust me, they really are fun. The girls that I played with on Call of Duty Mobile were really fun. Whenever one of them were in trouble and was surrounded by enemies, they screamed so loud that their mic would just mask out the scream and we’d just hear it very faintly. Not only on CoD Mobile, on Mobile Legends as well. It is one of the funniest moments whenever we’re playing. 

If you really want to team up with them, there are many sites out there you could go to. But some of those sites aren’t exactly that reliable and trustworthy. That’s why many people go to Gank to look for girl gamers. You could be sure you’ll have a fun experience with the people you hire here. If you’re a girl gamer looking to earn some cash, you could also go to Gank and have people hire you.