3 Outstanding Facts About Family Service Centres In Singapore


Suppose you are dealing with family problems and require care and assistance regarding your situation. In that case, family service centres in Singapore are just the perfect partner for you. Family service centres, often known as FSCs, are community-based social service providers that offer assistance to families in need dealing with emotional, social, and personal difficulties. 

Family service centres in Singapore are managed by professional social workers and other service experts, much like any other public service facility. In addition, you can also get student care services that will help you deal with emotional or social traumas.

Here are some outstanding facts about family centres in Singapore.

1. Family service centres in Singapore aid and assist people that require care and support.

FSCs concentrate on assisting vulnerable, disadvantaged people from low-income households; anyone is welcome to request assistance whenever they do. Fscs also includes the service of family therapy in Singapore, which is often known as family counselling and tries to treat the psychological, behavioural, and emotional problems that families face. 

More importantly, community services that promulgate the FSCs also have considerable space in caring for women and children through Women Empowerment in Singapore and child foundations.

2. Family service centres in Singapore help families that deal with financial, social and emotional issues.

The FSCs’ social work practitioners offer case management assistance for people with family, money, housing, employment, and other social difficulties.

Plus, family service centres in Singapore also have specific services for each case they encounter. It includes casework interventions, counselling services, family therapy in Singapore, community work and group work interventions.

3. Family service centres in Singapore organise and collaborate with other organisations for vast support.

FSCs collaborate with other organisations to offer comprehensive support to people and families as they strive for social mobility, stability, and independence. With this, the FSCs can get more sponsors or organisations that will support their goals for the community. There are also even volunteering opportunities in Singapore that you can join.

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