Impact Door: What Is It and How Does It Work?

During the six-month hurricane season, which spans from June to November, the threat of storms is quite significant for Florida. When the bodies of water in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic have warmed enough to create tropical waves, hurricane season peaks around mid-August and late October. Meanwhile, a prevalent belief in Florida is that hurricanes do not affect most of the state. But, Wekiwa Springs in Florida is one such hurricane-prone area. Since 1930, around 77 hurricanes have been reported in the Wekiwa Springs, the most recent being Debby in 2012. Given this information, it is recommended that every home have impact doors in Wekiwa Springs, FL.

Impact doors are becoming increasingly popular as a complement to impact windows. Both have the same crucial feature: exceptional weather resistance. Both impact doors and windows rely on glass elements that have been used in automobile windshields for decades. Impact doors, which frequently have enormous, stunning glass panes, are made the same way, with two thick layers of glass linked together with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

Instead of shattering, these compounds generate a “spider web” pattern when fractured under intense pressure. This safeguards the interior of your home by preventing debris from entering and causing extra harm during severe weather. Impact doors, on the other hand, don’t just safeguard your home; they also provide a slew of other advantages for you and your household.

Protection From Extreme Weather

While windows and roofs may appear to be more vital places to focus on when preparing for catastrophic storms, impact doors can endure winds of up to 100 miles per hour! And the inhabitants of South Florida, where over 40 hurricanes have made landfall since 1951, need doors to endure lethal winds and airborne missiles to protect everything inside. As such, impact doors are built with tight and robust vinyl, aluminum, or wooden frames for the ultimate weather protection!

Savings on Energy

Any property modification that saves money on utility bills is a plus, and impact doors will speak for themselves several times throughout their lifetime. Most impact doors have layers of foam in their core, providing up to six times the insulation of wood doors. Meanwhile, utility bills can rapidly add up, so fitting impact doors in Wekiwa Springs, FL, protects you from the weather and protects your pocketbook from the electric provider.

Noise Cancellation

Another advantage of impact doors is that they reduce outside noise significantly. These goods work as a cushion between the home and the outside environment since they are numerous layers of composite material. As such, it may be easier to live near a busy highway or noisy neighbors if you install this.

Enhanced Safety

Doors must not only protect against the elements, but they must also be capable of withstanding human intrusion. Hence, impact doors are a wise investment if you want to give the best protection for your property.

Glass panes on most door designs feature an inner layer that protects the glass from breaking and hurtling into your home, and frames are built with fortified layers to resist blunt force break-ins. So, you may rest easy knowing that additional protection is functioning for you.

Reductions in Insurance

Impact doors might even help you save money on your home insurance premiums. Certain firms view impact doors as a solid security device that can help you save money.

Protection From UV Rays

Another advantage of impact doors is protection from the sun’s rays and harmful UV rays. So, when you install impact doors in your home, you can prevent the sun from harming your indoor possessions, including furniture, curtains, floors, etc.

Impact doors aren’t merely for safety in the event of bad weather. So, if you install it, you can profit in various ways, all of which will save you money in the end.