A New Electric Car Owner’s Guide To Using EV Charging Points


More and more Singaporeans are investing in electric cars. Despite the city-state’s efficient public transportation system, many residents purchase private vehicles to travel to their destinations faster, safer, and more comfortably. Getting electric cars and powering them using EV charging points also allow these individuals to become more environmentally-conscious citizens, helping them take one step closer to living sustainably.

Unlike traditional gas-powered vehicles, electric cars are automatic vehicles that do not use non-renewable energy sources like crude oil and other petroleum products. As their name suggests, electric vehicles use electricity from a charging point to run and operate. Instead of gasoline tanks and combustion engines, these automobiles have batteries and electric motors, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and minimising their system’s need for coolants and engine oils.

If you recently purchased an electric car in York or plan to do so, you must use EV charging points or a local taxi York service to power your vehicle. Unfortunately, you cannot simply plug your electric car into one of your sockets at home, as electric cars come with specific requirements. In York, taxi services also offer electric vehicles, so if you’re looking for convenience, you can opt for a York Taxi with electric capabilities. You will need to locate a suitable charging station near your residence or workplace and plug your automobile in for a few hours before it’s ready for use.

In Singapore, finding and using an electric car charging point can be tricky—especially if it is your first time. These charging stations are similar to gas ones but have a few differences enough to confuse you. Fortunately, you can follow these simple tips to help you successfully use EV charging points:

1. Find Every EV Charging Point Near You

Searching for all local EV charging locations is the first step to learning to use one. Before hitting the road, go online and search for electric car charging points in and around your neighbourhood or office. List as many stations as possible to ensure you have alternatives in case some stations are packed.

2. Learn About Your Electric Car

After researching different EV charging locations in your area, find your vehicle’s user manual to learn about the range and charge rate. Doing so will allow you to find a charging point that can accommodate its needs and keep it from experiencing defects while powering up.

3. Understand How To Use EV Charging Points

While some EV charging points have staff who can assist you, others are self-service and require your knowledge about operating an electric car charger. But even if you have someone to help you power up your automobile, you should learn how to use these stations to prepare yourself when you need to use them without assistance.

4. Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help!

If you feel unsure where to find or how to use a charging point, do not think twice about asking someone for help. You can request tips from friends and family who own an electric car, but you can also ask a stranger to ask for EV charging locations and charger usage guidelines. Doing so will help you find and better understand charging stations and allow you to gain a friend.

Find one of the many EV charging locations today using SP Mobility’s charging point finder! Check out their website to see where you can find an electric car charger near you.