The types of photographers you can encounter in the world


In the world of photography, there are basically two broad categories of photographers. The first one is the amateur photographers. The second one being a professional photographer. There is only one primary point of difference between these two broad categories. the first category of photographers takes photos as a hobby or passion and the second one takes photos to earn money. The first category generally includes the younger generation who tend to take photographs either to amuse themselves or to show off. The professional photographers, on the other hand, are the real photographers. This is because they treat photography as an art form. They treat their equipment and work with respect. This is the reason is why contradictory to popular belief, not all amateur photographers can become professional photographers.

The subcategories of professional photographers

Now if you look at the subcategories under professional photographers, you will find three major groups. The first one is nature photographers. These photographers take photos of either wildlife or forest or scenery. The second one is the event photographers. They are mainly associated with capturing moments at some event be that engagement, wedding or even sporting events. Then there is model photography. These photographers specialize in taking photographer of models to be that human or otherwise. They are the most published sect in this category. Other than these three types there are photographers who take pictures of monuments or cities or even space. Among all these subcategories of professional photographers, the primary difference lies with the amount they are paid for their job. More details as to how you can earn money from taking photographs can be found at

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