Different Ways To Incorporate Quartz In Your Home 


Quartz is a popular stone that has been used in jewelry, handmade items, and other luxury items for centuries. It has become a popular material to incorporate into your homes. It gives your home a luxurious feel and an elegant look and is a great investment due to its durability and practicality. Since it comes in many designs and colors, the options are abundant. 

If you are looking to incorporate quartz into your home but do not exactly know how to do it, do not worry. There are plenty of options. You can add it to your living room, bathroom, or kitchen. It is recommended to consult with an expert about the various interesting applications of Granite au Sommet kitchen countertops to make an informed decision. 

Different applications of quartz at home 

  • Quartz countertops. 

A countertop may be one of the most obvious and common applications of quartz in homes and commercial offices. Due to its durability, strength, and aesthetically appealing look, quartz serves as among the best options for your tabletop or countertop needs. This material has got the appeal of marble, but is stronger and easier to maintain. It is much easier to clean, owing to its non-porous characteristics. 

  • A Quartz feature wall. 

If you have never heard of a quartz feature wall before, do not worry; you are not alone. When people think of quartz, they usually think of a countertop or a vanity. Attaching a thin slab of quartz on your living room wall will create a dramatic statement, giving a simple yet luxurious look. With quartz being available in almost every color, you can choose the color that goes with the rest of the room. 

  • Quartz flooring. 

Sure, quartz can be expensive. However, if money is not a problem for you, then you may want to consider quartz flooring. Everyone knows that flooring material should be sturdy and durable material to be able to bear the everyday foot traffic and wear and tear caused by the furniture. Flooring is also exposed to various substances, such as harsh chemicals, in your cleaning solution. Quartz is best suited for this as it is easy to clean and can effectively resist damage. 

  • Quartz shower and tub surrounds. 

If you are looking for a natural stone to incorporate into your bathroom tub or shower, quartz is one of the best choices. It offers much more water resistance as compared to other alternatives, making it the perfect choice for your bathroom needs. Now, you can make your bathroom look luxurious without compromising on functionality.