5 Reminders Before Processing Your Singapore Permanent Resident Application


Moving abroad can give you more opportunities and inspire you to pursue personal development. It’s an admirable decision to move out of your comfort zone because you’ll learn many things. However, behind this promise, you must consider many things like visa applications, a Singapore permanent resident application,  job hunting, and the possible experience of homesickness. If you get through this, you’ll feel more accomplished and a new person!

As such, you can achieve new milestones in life. Now, if you’re feeling stuck and want a change, it’s advisable to read this article to learn what to prepare for your moving abroad journey.

1) Understand Your Paper Requirements

The first thing you must do is understand the documents required for Singapore PR. This way, you can prepare your needs and increase your chances of approval. Ask an agency what papers you must prepare, including birth certificates, passports, IDs, and other documents. Once compiling the necessary documents, you can proceed with the process.

2) Find A Work

Before moving abroad, also secure yourself with a job. In doing so, you can have a monthly salary to sustain your needs. You can look for an opening online or look for an agency that can help you land a job. Your PR application agency in Singapore should help you use your employment history to increase your chances of getting approval.

3) Create Your Budget

Moving abroad may also need you to allocate financial resources. So, create a budget to ensure a smooth transition. Perhaps, you can allow a family member to help you, and once you’re stable, you can pay them. Yes, moving abroad is a daunting experience, but it will be worth it if you see your success one step at a time.

4) Search for Apartments Or Housing

Do you have family members abroad? If yes, you can stay with them, or you can rent an apartment for your stay. So, before processing your Singapore permanent resident application, ensure you have a place to stay to secure yourself for future needs.

5) Prepare Your Qualifications

You can also prepare your qualification to increase your chances of getting approval. Remember these qualifications like education, work experience, employment pass, background check, etc. As such, you can have a higher chance of achieving your dream of living abroad.

If you want to apply for PR in Singapore online, you can visit the Singapore Immigration Partners for assistance. Contact them today so they can help you with your applications.