Divorce vs dissolution of marriage in Ohio: An overview


Ohio’s divorce laws are unique when compared to other states. It is the only state where the dissolution of marriage and divorce are two different things. Technically, both mark the end of a marriage. If you want to make that decision, consider consulting a divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio to understand the options better. So, how does the dissolution of marriage differ from divorce? Below are some key details that you need to know.

It all comes down to the fault

The legal dissolution of the marriage is a divorce in most states. In Ohio, however, dissolution of the marriage happens when both parties agree on everything and want to end the marriage. If one party is blaming the other, it would be a divorce. Think of dissolution of the marriage as a form of uncontested divorce in Ohio.  

Explaining the dissolution of marriage

A dissolution of marriage is easily the simplest and most inexpensive way of ending the marriage. The couple gets to discuss all aspects and complete detailed paperwork, and file for the dissolution of marriage together. They can create their settlement agreement, which determines how assets & properties would be divided along with key details related to child custody, alimony, and child support. The final hearing would be scheduled within the next 90 days, making things move quicker for both parties.

Explaining divorce

Divorce in Ohio typically happens on fault grounds. If you are accusing your spouse of adultery, insanity, abuse, or even something like alcoholism, you could file for divorce. To get a divorce, you need to present evidence to prove the fault. You would be the petitioner in this case, and your spouse would be served the papers. They can choose to contest the divorce or agree to the decision. You can also seek divorce on a no-fault ground like incompatibility.

Get an attorney

Ending a marriage takes considerable time, and you must consult an attorney before taking any major step. You can expect your lawyer to help you with all relevant aspects of the case, and if your spouse also wants to end things, you can discuss things and file for a dissolution of marriage instead of a divorce. The costs depend on your circumstances, but for most situations, getting divorced in Ohio would cost much more than a dissolution of marriage.

Don’t let the rules and laws confuse you – Talk to an attorney today to seek legal advice.