Guidelines for Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes triggers many health problems including disorders related to the foot. Sometimes diabetes stage two can lead to chronic foot health problems. Hence, diabetic patients must not only maintain their sugar level, but also need to take care of their foot.

Orange County wound care hospital doctors often ask their diabetic patients to do a regular check-up of their feet to avoid any health problems related to feet like toenail fungal infections, corns and calluses. Dr. Sima Soltani, a well-acclaimed podiatrist is quite concerned about her diabetic patients suffering from foot problems.

Her clinic staff provides reminders to her diabetic patients to consult for foot checkup regularly. You can know more in detail about the Podiatrist in Irvine clinic by visiting their official website. The reviews and ratings of their patients will provide insight into the clinic’s popularity.

Why diabetes is known to be the cause of foot health disorders:

  • People troubled with any form of diabetes are often troubled with a foot problem. High blood pressure has the ability to damage the blood vessels and nerves present in the feet.
  • The negative effect on the blood vessels and nerves of the feet can cause diabetic neuropathy which makes the feet numb and even the diabetic person loses any feelings felt in their foot. They won’t be able to walk steadily.
  • The poor blood flow to feet due to high blood sugar leads to many foot injuries and infections of the foot.

Many people shy away from visiting podiatrists while they suffer from foot problems. Hence, foot problems take an adverse turn and sometimes lead to amputation of toes. It is because infection of the toes or nails leads to gangrene. The muscles, tissues, nails and skin of the toes die. This foot ulcer needs to be treated fast if you are diabetic as healing of the wound may take time and the meanwhile infection level can increase uncontrollably.

However, if you are diabetic can do a lot to save your foot from any health problems with ease. The wound care Orange County hospitals have promoted many guidelines for their diabetic patients to take care of their foot health.

The guidelines:

  • Need to maintain the hygiene of the foot without fail: Daily cleaning of the foot using organic cleaning soap, gel or liquid wash would help to keep the dirt and germs at bay. You can wash the foot using warm water to improve its hygiene.
  • No need to soak your foot in warm water for longer time: Many people love to do foot spa by soaking their foot in the warm water having cleansing solution. It is best for diabetic patients to avoid it as they keep the tissues of the feet wet, open the pores of the skin, thus inviting microbes to settle inside the skin promoting fungal infection. Always keep foot dry as presence of moisture triggers fungal infections.
  • Clear checking of foot is important: You need to inspect your foot daily by touching and visualizing each part of it, even the bottom. That helps to deduct any skin problem of foot at earlier stage.
  • Clip the toe nails regularly: If you feel it is hard to trim your own toe nails properly as they are quite thick, then it is better to ask salon staff to do it. Regular trimming of nails every week prevent accumulation of dirt or pollutants inside the extended part of it.
  • Don’t remove corns and calluses without consulting the podiatrist: The hard skin if left unchecked would lead to formation of sores. Hence, many people prefer to remove the hard skin on their own which isn’t safe. You can visit your podiatrist and let them administer the right remedy to eliminate the hard skin of the foot.
  • Wear good quality fitting footwear: It is helpful to wear well-fitted shoes and socks. Even your sandals should fully cover your foot while walking. It helps to avoid any dirt or dust enter your toenails or the open pores of foot. The inside part of the shoes should be smooth so that there isn’t any friction that can spoil the skin texture of foot.

Any diabetic person can avoid foot problems by consulting a skilled podiatrist in Irvine who are foot and ankle specialist Orange County health centers.