How to Spot a Good Used Commercial Vehicle in Singapore

Many startup companies and SMEs are relying on e-commerce nowadays. With e-commerce comes better opportunities, more customers, and the need for fast and stable delivery. Since partnering with a courier company is still too expensive for these companies to consider, most of them opt to use a commercial van in Singapore instead. It will leave you with two options, buying a commercial van or opting for a van leasing.

Buying a commercial vehicle in Singapore may not seem like the best decision for startup companies. After all, these types of cars do not come cheaply. When van rental is also too pricey for you, we have one more option to recommend —buying a used commercial vehicle. Below are some tips that will lead you to the best deals for used cars for your business.

1. Compare Prices

Since a used commercial vehicle in Singapore will likely have no standard price, it is good to compare prices. Ask several traders for quotations of the same model you want to purchase.

When choosing among the prospective deals, do not opt for the cheapest or the most expensive. The cheapest deal will most likely have various compromises. Meanwhile, the highest price might not be worth the investment since there are options with the same specs on the list. Try to opt for a deal that is both reasonable and transparent based on the quotation.

2. Check the Ownership History

A used commercial vehicle trader keeps the ownership history of every car in his fleet. Ask for the ownership history of the commercial van that you wished to purchase. Check the repair history, whether it was subjected to accidents, and if it had gotten routine maintenance.

3. Consult a Mechanic for Inspection

It is also ideal to consult a qualified car mechanic when buying a used commercial vehicle or even when booking a van rental in Singapore. This is because a car mechanic can inspect the vehicle for you. Thus, you may assess which vehicle is safe to buy and which will be problematic in the long run.

4. Buy From Reliable Traders

It is always advisable to buy your commercial vehicle only from reliable and reputable traders. Many fly-by-night car dealers will present you with a deal and will not be around anymore when your purchased car is proven to have issues.

5. Do a Test Drive

In most cases, running a test drive for the used commercial vehicle you want to purchase will be the final test to see if it is worth buying. While used cars often have compromises in them, some drivers are more comfortable with these compromises when on the road. Thus, find a car that will work best for you or your delivery team.

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