Learn More About Fentanyl Addiction and Rehab and How Skyward Treatment Center’s Fentanyl Rehab Program Can Help.



Pain therapy using the synthetic opioid fentanyl is prevalent, especially for cancer patients and postoperative patients. Fentanyl is very powerful, maybe 100 times more so than morphine. Increases in cases of fentanyl addiction and overdose fatalities have been linked to the drug’s sale on the black market for recreational use.

Fentanyl Addiction and Fentanyl Rehab.

Fentanyl addiction is a chronic, recurrent illness defined by obsessive fentanyl-seeking behavior, despite adverse effects on health, relationships, and productivity. Fentanyl addiction may result from either prescribed or recreational abuse of the drug.

A fentanyl rehab is a program that aims to assist individuals struggling with fentanyl addiction to wean themselves off the drug and remain clean for good. Fentanyl rehab centers aim to offer a secure and comforting setting for patients to work on their addiction and other underlying concerns, including mental and physical wellness, interpersonal connections, and regaining lost life skills. The standard treatment for fentanyl addiction combines medicinal, behavioral, and holistic methods, such as:

  • Medical detox. Medical detoxification is the first and most important stage in fentanyl addiction treatment.
  • Individual therapy. Individual sessions with a trained counselor are used to identify and process emotional triggers, practice healthy coping mechanisms, and treat any comorbid mental health issues.
  • Group therapy. This approach connects people with others who are also working to overcome a fentanyl addiction.
  • Behavioral therapies. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are two examples of therapies with strong empirical support for their effectiveness in treating fentanyl addiction.
  • Holistic methods. Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and art therapy are all examples of complementary and alternative holistic approaches that can be used to help people feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Inpatient and outpatient fentanyl rehabilitation programs offer flexibility in terms of length and intensity of care to best meet the needs of each patient.

How Can Skyward Treatment Center Help in Effectively Managing My Fentanyl Addiction?

Skyward Treatment Center’s years of experience have proven that treating substance abuse disorders effectively requires a combination of knowledge, empathy, and a firm grasp of core principles. We rely on tried-and-true methods for treating substance abuse that have been shown to be effective. Moreover, we believe that a patient’s chances of success in overcoming their fentanyl addiction improve if they are in a safe and organized setting like the one offered at our Houston facility.

Our fentanyl addiction programs mainly include traditional therapy methods like behavioral, group, individual, and family therapy, as well as modern holistic treatment methods like auriculotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, meditation, and nutritional therapy. Expect withdrawal and detoxification symptoms throughout the rehabilitation process. Although unpleasant withdrawal symptoms are inevitable, the caring professionals at Skyward Treatment Center will help you get through them safely and comfortably. Certain withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, might linger for weeks after the first onslaught of symptoms has passed. Indeed, it’s difficult, but with time and adequate support, you can get better.

An addiction develops when one continues to use a drug despite knowing the harm it can cause. Fortunately, your fentanyl dependency can be treated. You can start feeling better physically and mentally with the help of a solid fentanyl addiction treatment and rehabilitation program.  Accessing a personalized treatment plan at a reputable addiction rehabilitation clinic is the first step toward recovery. Get your life back on track with the help of Skyward Treatment Center.