The Pride Month celebration and history

People around the globe celebrate the LBTQ Pride Day in June. People, who are supportive of gay or straight, young or old, male or female, celebrate this day. This day is celebrated to raise awareness and cultivate pride. It is also known as a day to fight the oppression faced by this group of people. In this article, you can see about the Pride Month celebration and its history.

The Pride Day history

The year 1969 is important in the history of the LGBTQ community. In this year at the Stonewall Inn, many gay people use to gather. At that time, homosexuality was illegal. So, the gay people used to hang around, converse, and party in the stonewall Inn in Newyork. On 28th June 1969, police began to raid the place. However, this time the gay people fought for their rights. Later, that day was celebrated as Gay Pride Day.

Why is the Pride Month celebrated?

Earlier, this Pride celebration was limited to one day. But, today, the community has decided to extend the celebration for one whole month. Many today commemorate and recognize the gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer individuals on local and international televisions. Some of these people have passed away due to HIV and other diseases. So as a remembrance, this month is celebrated.

How do individuals celebrate Pride Month?

Many around the world celebrate Pride Month. This day is not only celebrated by gay, lesbian, transgender, or queer individuals but anyone around the world. Many think of it as a movement to create awareness, talk about this community, and they display their pride during the celebration.

  • Several activists around the world participate in this celebration for a cause. Being an activist they consider fighting oppression, advocating more LGBTQ laws and continue to educate others on this month. By taking this step, many activists try to make the community safer for the LGBTQ people and also try to influence others.
  • In many countries on Pride Month, there are marches, parades, and local parties being conducted. Many social media sites such as Facebook or Google provide information about these events. Some attend these events with their families and friends.
  • All around the world, various donations are being made for the LGBTQ community. There are both local and international organizations available for the LGBTQ community where they receive these donations given by people who support them. Also, many individuals are passionate about donating money for this cause. Financially tight people will provide their time by participating in non-profit LGBTQ organizations.

Products available on Pride Month

There are several Pride Month products available in the market. People who attend Pride Month events wear these products.

  • There are many hats, caps, and visors available in rainbow colors.
  • Many online shops also sell belts, ties, and suspenders to show their support for the Pride month.
  • Many local stores sell socks and shoelaces this month.
  • There are also numerous LGBTQ T-shirts and wallets available on the market.


People show their support to the LGBTQ community through all these emblems. Some of the stores also sell gay stickers. Not only the LGBTQ people but many individuals, organizations, and countries show their support to the community by their active participation. And you can too. A reputable people finder service can actually help you to Find Family Overseas, gay family you can connect with on Pride Day.