4 Items To Bring When Attending Primary School Tuition in Singapore


When I told my son that he was going to be enrolled in primary school tuition in Singapore, the first emotion that appeared on his face was nervousness. This is a totally new experience for him since the only people who have ever taught him were me, his father, and his teachers at school. He isn’t the best around new faces, so I completely understand why he was sporting a frown instead of a smile despite knowing he needed the extra help. Feeling a bit sorry for the expression he was wearing, I placed a hand on his head and gently stroked his hair. ‘Baby, I know this is scary, but you need to get better in Science class,’ I told him. He looked up at me with understanding. There was still a bit of fear, but it was less compared to a few seconds ago, at least. ‘What do I need to bring?’ he suddenly asked. Upon hearing his question, I immediately knew what to do.

I brought my son to his bedroom and pulled out a notebook from his drawer. After finding a pen that worked, I began writing down everything he would need to bring to the tuition centre. My son always enjoyed packing and following lists, making him feel less anxious. This list also helped me remember the items that he needed for science tuition in Singapore.

1. Notepads/Paper

If ever the tutor at the centre needs to demonstrate equations or show you how to spell something, having a notepad or any piece of paper prepared in your bag will prove to be helpful. Primary English tuition in Singapore would most likely need paper during lessons that require you to show your skills in writing in English. A notepad is also for when your tutor wants to give you a short handwritten quiz to test your knowledge of what was discussed that day.

2. Notebooks

A notebook is essential for the sake of taking notes. When your tutor is giving a discussion, you need to have a notebook ready so that you can return to all the information that you gathered whenever you need it. Since the lessons your tutor is teaching you are supposed to be similar to what you learn at school, anything shared in the Science tuition centre in Singapore might be applicable to future tests, homework, and recitations.

3. Snacks

Rather than allowing them to be distractions, snacks can help energise the students when they start to feel sleepy. If their minds aren’t packed with nutrients, and their body isn’t flowing with energy, anything taught in the primary school tuition in Singapore might not retain in their memories. Hungry students also have a tendency to lose focus quickly.

4. Homework And Textbooks

Even if the Science tuition centre in Singapore has its own materials, your child should still bring their homework and textbooks to the centre. This gives tutors a better understanding of what the student is struggling with specifically. The tutor can also help answer your child’s homework while using the questions and answers as a means of teaching them. At least this can train my son to answer his assignments on his own next time.

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