5 Tips For Designing A Personalised T Shirt in Singapore 


Fashion is a statement because you can show your personality and choose an aesthetic appeal. As a fashionista, you may find clothes from different brands and local designers. But if you want to elevate your fashion style, you can look for a personalised t shirt in Singapore. Yes, you’ll have more freedom in designing the shirts because you can choose the colours you want.

To elevate your OOTD and make your Instagram feed more personalised, learn how to design a shirt with these tips! Be your fashion influencer by customising your clothes. It’s time to highlight your personality and keep yourself from other people!

Make the world your runway, and be more confident about yourself!

5 Tips For Designing A Personalised T Shirt in Singapore

Designing your clothes can be gratifying. After all, you get to show yourself through art. Famous designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, and Coco Chanel have inspired people to be more expressive and creative. You can also do this with your personalised t shirt in Singapore!

Start being more individualistic and show your true self by following the tips below for designing your shirt.

1) Know Your Purpose

The first thing you must do is to know your purpose for personalising a shirt. Is it to improve your fashion style or increase your comfort? After finding your purpose, you can design the shirt according to your goals. Remember to establish an objective for your shirt before proceeding with the custom t shirt printing in Singapore.

2) Pick Your Favourite Colour

When designing clothes, it’s better to pick your favourite colours because they can reflect your personality and aesthetic appeal. You can choose colours that will make you feel more comfortable wearing the clothes. If you find it hard to pick colours, you can check your wardrobe and get an idea about your chosen colours.

3) Choose A Logo, Font, or Images For Graphics

Now, as you plan to design your clothes, you can choose a logo, font, or images to achieve your desired personalised t shirt in Singapore. Choose a simple logo or word text if you want to be minimalist. However, if you want to be more creative, you can design your image and print it on the shirt.

4) Find A Comfortable Material

Finding a comfortable material is also part of designing your shirt. Make sure to look for a quality that is comfortable for the skin. Perhaps, you can choose silk or any environmentally-friendly materials. After picking a material, you can proceed with instant t shirt printing in Singapore. In doing so, you can prevent discomfort while wearing the shirt.

5) Partner With A Professional Designer and Printer

Yes, you have the freedom to choose a design for your shirt. However, partnering with professional designers and print is advisable as they can guide you throughout the process. In doing so, you’ll be able to follow the correct steps. It’s also helpful for corporate places to hire professionals to have their company printed t shirts.

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