7 Benefits of Getting Invisible Aligners from Your Dentist


Clear aligners may be more appealing if you want to fix crowded or crooked teeth but do not want to wear wires and braces. These devices are more comfortable and give a more discreet manner of straightening teeth. Invisible aligners, like Invisalign for kids, can prevent irregular gapped teeth and correct crooked teeth.

#1 It is Inconspicuous

Clear aligners are nearly invisible when on the teeth and eliminate the need for brackets and metal wires. Studies have shown that teens wearing invisible aligners around Singapore and abroad have stronger self-esteem and are more inclined to smile than others wearing metal braces.

#2 More Convenient

Traditional braces can limit your menu selections to items that are not hard, chewy, or brittle. On the other hand, you can remove your invisible aligners when eating at Singapore establishments and home, and allow you to eat whatever you want.

#3 Less Prone to Chronic Issues & Injuries

Misaligned teeth can be harmful to your dental and general health. Getting invisible braces from your dentist in Singapore can help correct present dental issues while protecting the mouth from future problems. Protruding and misaligned teeth can hurt the interior of your mouth, produce discomfort, and cause enamel damage, speech issues and headaches.

#4 Easier Dental Hygiene & Maintenance

Another advantage of getting removable invisible aligners from your dentist in Singapore is the ability to clean your gums, teeth, and other dental components. You will not have to struggle to manoeuvre your toothbrush around delicate wires and brackets.

#5 Avoid Metal Braces Pitfalls

Metal braces have several adverse effects that transparent aligners do not. Many people with metal braces develop abrasion-type injuries inside their mouths due to broken brackets and loose wires. Flossing with metal brackets is also a challenge for many patients. White spot lesions are another adverse effect that might develop after wearing metal braces for an extended period.

#6 Predictable Expectations

Patients who use Invisalign® for kids or adults follow a computerised treatment plan. Hence, they will know what to expect and how long the procedure would take for their entire smile makeover.

#7 Reduced Treatment

Opting for invisible aligners from your dentist in Singapore can cut treatment time in half. Clear aligners often take up to twelve months to complete. However, traditional metal braces can take up to two years.

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