Cost of African Grey Parrots

Do you know how much an African grey parrot costs? They are among the smartest of the parrot species. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re interested in learning more or if you want to make a purchase for your own household. African grey parrots, like many other exotic birds, are rather pricey. The more striking and unique a bird’s plumage and markings, the more it will cost. The initial investment of purchasing an African grey parrot is simply the beginning of the expenses you’ll incur.

Price ranges for African grey parrot price are between $2,000 and $6,000. Keep in mind, too, that the actual cost of an African grey will change depending on factors including the bird’s age and gender. The price may also be affected by the bird breeder’s fame. The cost to adopt a parrot from a rescue organization, on the other hand, may exceed $1,000.

What Affects the Price of an African Grey Parrot

Like cockatiels and cockatoos, the price of an African grey is based on a number of factors. As a result, the price of an African grey varies greatly depending on the breeder. A few of the variables that go into determining how much an African grey parrot costs are as follows:

The age of an African grey parrot is a major factor in establishing its worth. For instance, because of their history and low demand, aged birds are sold for less money than young ones. Even though a bird is getting on in years, if it has been taught to communicate or do tricks, it might fetch a higher price than a similarly aged bird that does not have such skills.

If you are wondering how much does an African grey parrot cost, silver tail feathers are rare and fetch a higher price than the more frequent red ones, thus color shouldn’t be the only factor in determining the value of an African grey. African grey parrots, or those that lean pink or red, are in the same boat. The value of such birds often exceeds that of those with more typical grey plumage.

Timneh African greys are more expensive than Congo African greys because of their rarity. Despite their shared origin in Western Africa, the two subspecies are now considered genetically distinct. Please take note that the Timneh population has been steadily falling, rendering them a species in risk of extinction.

A lot of the cost of an African grey may be attributed to its genetic make-up, which determines its level of quality. You should expect to pay extra for superior pedigree and breeding history. Furthermore, those without any peculiar markings and are verified not a crossbreed usually cost more.

The Average Price of Fees Per Year for an African Grey Parrot

If you are thinking how much does a talking parrot cost, considerable thought should be given to the annual cost of ownership when contemplating the purchase of an African grey parrot. The usual lifetime of these birds is 45–50 years, so you should be prepared for the long haul. At the outset, you’ll need to set aside money for the bird’s basic needs, such as food, supplements, and housing.

While keeping an African grey parrot may be a lot of fun, it’s also a serious responsibility. Price being the first indicator, it’s evident that these active animals need more than simply the standard treatment. To survive, these animals need spacious enclosures outfitted with mental exercise equipment. Providing children with the healthiest nutrition possible will also come at a significant expense.


If you want a quality parrot, you should also choose a breeder who is approved by a prestigious parrot organization. It’s true that African grey parrots may cost a pretty penny, but if you want a pet that can live for decades, it’s money well spent. Share your thoughts on the pricing of African grey parrots below now that you know how much they cost.