The Strong Wintergreen Long Cut



Black buffalo products are only for an adult who is at least 21 years old or above. Less than 21 ages are not eligible for this product. This is mentioned on their Website.

Brief Introduction

There are different types of tobacco used all over the world. Some are chewable for example, loose-leaf and many others; while some of them are placed between the cheek and gums like chew or dip products like Black buffalo. They created a  tobacco alternative, and have a tobacco-derived nicotine in their long cut and pouches but don’t have any tobacco leaf or stem in their product like regular dip tobacco.

The team at Black Buffalo is offering the same satisfaction but without the traditional tobacco used in most products. They spent many years working on a dip product which is just like regular dip or chewing tobacco. Many people were saying that they there couldn’t be an alternative created in this category, but thankfully to their supporters and developers, they did it.

Flavor In Dip Tobacco

Nowadays flavors in alternative tobacco products are very common in the younger generation. This is something that Black Buffalo looks to combat as they create dip and chewing tobacco which are not popular products amongst young users; something the team at Black Buffalo are very proud of.

Black Buffalo Wintergreen is one of the widely liked flavours. The biggest smokeless tobacco flavour segment is wintergreen, and the flavor is very smooth, sweet, clean and frosty. It is also the best-selling flavor.

Wintergreen has a classic taste that you would love with the same taste, texture, and colour as traditional dip. Black buffalo wintergreen long cut is packed in a small tin and available online.

Black buffalo tobacco alternative is made from food-based ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. And they mention that they are also working on nicotine-free option as well.

Personal Experience

The black buffalo alternative is the closest I have had to traditional dip. I am trying to quit smoking and tried almost all the products out there. When I saw the review of Black Buffalo, I decided to try their wintergreen long cut, as wintergreen is my favourite flavor. Finally, I found something which satisfied my need. I can’t thank enough their team for manufacturing such an incredible product as they have fast shipping, awesome packaging and I never have to worry about going to a retail store.

I would highly recommend giving their products a try.