Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Armoured SUV

Social media is overloaded with people boasting about buying a luxury car. Instead, go for a smart choice and get an armored SUV through platforms such as Troy Armoring SUV.

There are reasons why you should opt for an armored SUV:

  1. Paramount Protection

You may be a known celebrity or politician; a renowned businessman or social influencer. Can you guarantee that the luxury car you have chosen will give you protection at the time of any danger? No! Protection, therefore, becomes the number one reason for a person to opt an armored vehicle. Armored SUVs not only provide you with this special feature, but also give you the kind of car appeal and comfort you are looking for, at the same time.

  1. Toughened Glass

The glass used in armored SUVs is tougher than the one used in a regular vehicle. It is made of polycarbonate substrate and lead – perhaps the toughest metals used in the process of making a bulletproof glass. It is shatterproof to keep you safe and protected. It can easily stop a bullet, rigid bricks and tough stones. The best part is you can customize an armored SUV including the type of glass you want for your car.

  1. 100% Reliable

Heavy metals, shatterproof glass, strong plastics and massive tyres made of strong rubber used in an armored SUV can withstand any counter attack, punctures, gas explosions and other damages. Troy Armoring SUV provides you with double suspension mechanism to carry the hardened weight of your armored SUV. Besides, there are extra fuel tanks fit to your SUV to assist you for a really long drive. There are sirens installed for emergency purposes and extra hidden spaces for your valuables.

  1. The 007 Looks

No one would know that you are driving a fully armored SUV unless you say so. The looks may not be appealing to others, but cares who when it comes to buying a fully loaded and protective SUV. Life takes over any luxury any time. Hence protection wins over all the other luxury cars. This gives you a feeling of 100% confidence that you are driving the safest vehicle on this planet without compromising on any comfort level.

  1. Matter Of Self-Esteem

Buying an armored SUV is not in everyone’s budget. Therefore, when you have one, it becomes a matter of pride and reputation. It’s definitely worth by all means to invest your money in your own safety and make your life more comfortable and stress-free. People may not even know how secured is your life within that customized car.