What Can You Expect From A Professional Video Production Company In Singapore?


Despite the decline in TV viewerships, video marketing remains an effective tool to promote the products or services of a brand. 94% of marketing experts stated that videos help the target audience understand what they offer.

Video marketing has also become more popular due to the existence of the internet. Instead of watching videos on television, most people stream video clips from social media platforms to search engines. They often come across online videos while surfing the web.

The problem, however, is that a successful video campaign requires proper video production in Singapore that can capture the target audience’s attention. Even though gadgets nowadays can shoot videos, the outcome will not be on par with what a professional video production company can do.

Below are the things you can expect when you hire a professional video production company in Singapore.

1. Conduct Product And Market Research

Product and market research is part of the pre-planning of video production when you hire a professional video production company. They do this extra step to help them understand more about your business so they can deliver the message you want to convey to your target audience.

2. Always Come Prepared

You can tell they are ready for anything because of how prepared they are during the video production process. They always have a backup power source, extension cables, and a script in case something goes wrong and throws off the client’s anticipated timeline.

3. Offer Assistance For Live Streaming

Are you new to live streaming on social media? Ease your worries since a video production company offers assistance for live streaming events in Singapore. Ensure to explain to them all the details they need to know before the live streaming dates come.

4. Organise Video Distribution

Besides helping you host a live streaming event, you can also rely on your chosen video production company for video distribution. They shared the final video output on various platforms so it would reach many people.

If you need help with media exposure, a video production company can also help you as long as you let them know ahead of time. That way, they can get in touch with their media connections.

5. Can Conduct Corporate Photo Shoots

Another thing that a video production company can do is conduct a corporate photo shoot. With this, your employees will look more professional and presentable in their corporate ID.

6. Invite The Client To View The Rough Cut

After the video shoot, you can expect your hired video production company to invite you to view the rough cut. At this point, they will show what type of animation, graphics, and other elements they will include in the video.

Getting your approval and opinion will prevent them from redoing the entire editing process and save time finishing the final video output.

Now you have ideas about what a professional video production company can do, why don’t you take your corporate videos to the next level by hiring one for your business? Contact Vivid Snaps at +65 9482 5300 (Office) or leave a message if you are interested in their video production services, like a hybrid event in Singapore.