What should you feed to your French bull dog? Learn other details as well!


The French bulldog may have digestion problems. Choose to distribute moist, small-volume meals several times a day among French bulldogs suffering from digestive disorders. Your diet must be of quality and perfectly balanced. Thus, French Bulldogs puppies can eat 4 times a day, adults 1 or 2 times a day. The beauty of hair is enhanced by a fat intake and a diet rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamin B.

Good quality diet is mandatory –

The Frenchie, due to his difficulty in breathing through his nose, often suffers from flatulence. It is essential to choose a diet of very good quality and very digestible so as not to accentuate your flatulence. So, opt for foods rich in protein and low in starch. Finally, be sure to distribute only the amounts necessary for the maintenance of your pet to prevent it from becoming overweight. Always ask your veterinarian for advice on choosing the right way to feed your French bulldog.

Preferably wet diet – To promote digestion and gastric emptying, choose moist foods to feed your French bulldog. However, if you feed your dog pates, you will need to be even more vigilant with oral hygiene. Industrial pates tend to stick to the dog’s teeth and favor the appearance of tartar. To remedy this, brush your dog’s teeth and have a veterinarian check the teeth regularly.

Coat of the bull dog –

The French bulldog’s hair is very beautiful and radiant. It is dense, shiny and soft. Its shiny coat comes in different colors, without undercoat. The common colors are black or white to brown, cream or brindle. The loss of hair from this dog is moderate, but remains continuous. In the fall and spring, the seedling intensifies losses and daily brushing should be done to remove dead hair. If you have a Pug, and want to buy a Frenchie puppy, it is a good decision as both of the species has same maintenance process. In short, you don’t need to learn specific process separately.

French bulldog Colors –

French bulldog puppies are very fond of the lap. And since they are a companion race, nothing pleases them more than to be by the owner. It is important to train a dog, regardless of breed. If you are going to raise a French bulldog puppy, know that it can be difficult to train him. Although your Bulldog is smart, he can also be a bit stubborn.