Why are we afraid to talk about infertility?


It would seem that people often like to talk about health problems, but shut up when it comes to not having children in the family. The problem of infertility is indeed very complicated and it is unpleasant to talk about it, to say the least. However, there is an opinion that not talking about the problem out loud is not wanting to solve it.

Surrogate Motherhood Centre Ukraine specialists always support their clients and try to talk about all their concerns at the first consultation. There is nothing wrong with the diagnosis of infertility. Thanks to modern reproductive technology, this diagnosis is no longer a verdict.

Reasons for silence or what are we really afraid of?

When we asked ourselves why people keep quiet about infertility, we found more than a dozen reasons that can hold us back and make us keep quiet.

Embarrassment. We are so brought up that so-called “below the belt” topics always cause confusion, especially when it comes to gynaecology or urology.

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Fear of being abandoned. The worst thing is admitting to your partner that you have a problem, and realizing that you are the cause of all your family’s suffering.

Opinion of others. You’ve probably been asked about adding to your family many times before, but you’ve been shy to deny it and say you’re working on it. Telling your family, friends and acquaintances that you have a problem is to start getting advice on treatments, adoptions and other solutions for such a sensitive issue.

Too personal. Many couples feel that the issue is taboo and can only be discussed between a man and a woman.

Feelings of inferiority. Knowing you can’t have children makes you feel inferior, different.

How to solve the problem and stop being afraid?

Infertility is mainly a two-person problem, so it also needs to be dealt with together. It is important that the person who has a reproductive problem should feel supported and loved. Explain to them that it is possible to solve the problem today.

Never reproach them, even if it is very difficult to accept the situation. Together you can get through anything. Have faith that you will soon have a child’s laughter in your home as well. Visit the websites of clinics together and explore modern treatment methods.

Our DELIVERING DREAMS team will help you all the way. We will be there to support you and the surrogate.

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