5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Handyman in Singapore

As a homeowner, I often require the services of a handyman in Singapore to help fix a wobbly stair, replace an overhead light, or repair drywall. Some handymen focus on replacement and renovation projects, while others work on miscellaneous chores around the house. Even an experienced DIYer like myself requires the services of a handyman to finish tasks I do not have time to complete or need an additional hand. Here are five facts that every renter or homeowner must know before hiring a reputable firm.

#1 Understand Their Level of Expertise

I learned that understanding the level of expertise of home services providers around Singapore is imperative to choosing the right fit. As I said above, each has varying expertise, from helping with renovations and replacements to helping with miscellaneous fixes around the house. In my experience, some of them are the best at plumbing concerns and simple fixes, while others excel with renovation projects.

#2 Determine Work Scope

A good service provider will create a scope of work. It details every task, material and service they will include in the pricing estimate. The document assisted me in providing directions for each line item. Furthermore, all parties will know what work your service provider will not include in the project. Find a home services provider in Singapore that can work on everything you need at an affordable rate.

#3 Fees Payment

The scope of work determines the prices we would pay the home services provider in Singapore. It includes supplies, hourly rates, and tax. Some professional services providers request a deposit. However, experts advise never paying in whole for services in advance. Hence, I suggest only paying the services provider when they complete the job.

#4 Filing of Permits

As homeowners and renters, we must obtain and ensure the appropriate necessary permissions. If you were clueless like me, the local government office is the best source of information on the projects that require permits and what information to supply throughout the filing process. They will also explain permitting fees and timelines. You may also find home services around Singapore that can help you apply for necessary permits.

#5 Asking for References can Help

Getting three to five references from friends, family, and acquaintances will provide you with the best range of information and choices. These testimonials can be valuable in determining if a home services provider in Singapore is the right fit for your needs. It helped me narrow my choices and select the best firm for what I needed. Moreover, assessing the views of previous clients on the quality of work is vital. I also advise you to gauge their communication skills, efficiency, and other skill sets that make for excellent professionals.
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