6 Reasons to Use Privacy Screen Protectors or Tempered Glass


Chances are you want to protect your smartphone and maintain it in good shape after spending a lot to buy it. Aside from purchasing a phone cover, you may want to equip your smartphone with a privacy screen protector. The following are six reasons to buy your iPhone or Android screen protector from reputable Singapore vendors.

#1 Reduce Eye Strain

Some screen protectors, like matte tempered glass protectors, make reflections less distinct and diffuse the glare. Anti-reflective (AR) protectors bend light to produce less glare and reflected light. It improves screen visibility and decreases the need to squint to see what is on the screen.

#2 Protects from Accumulation of Dirt

Some iPhone and Android screen and camera protector options include antimicrobial characteristics that kill microorganisms on the screen. Surface coatings on screen protectors have a lipophobic layer that prevents natural oils from your fingertips from collecting on the screen and a hydrophobic layer that repels water.

#3 Provide Users with Privacy

Privacy screen protector and tempered glass options with tint-like coating ensure the phone screen is visible to only the user. All that is visible is a tinted screen for people looking from a different perspective. It is a great technique to keep eyes away.

#4 Protects Phone from Wear & Tear

Most smartphone models today use Gorilla Glass offered by Corning or other equivalent protection. They are scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. Using a privacy screen protector or tempered glass does not guarantee that your screen will not break if it falls, but it does add an extra layer of protection.

#5 Keeps Phone Pristine

Most people upgrade their phones by trading them in. However, even the most minute smear or scratch on your smartphone will reduce its worth dramatically. Hence, a privacy screen protector or tempered glass can help maintain the pristine condition most vendors require.

#6 Serves as a Mirror

Most privacy tempered glass options use reflective glass. Hence, they can function as mirrors when your screen is off. While this will not immediately improve your phone, it will be of some benefit to you.

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