6 Types of Virtual or Hybrid Event & Exhibition You Can Organise


Organisations and businesses can host invite-only webinars or public live streaming for their agendas. The most notable benefit of holding a virtual event in Singapore or elsewhere is the low cost. It is about giving people what they want while allowing for social connection. Here are six events businesses and organisations can hold virtually.

#1 Networking

Guests at a virtual networking event in Singapore can meet and network via virtual platforms. You may host happy hours, after-work get-togethers, and other virtual networking events by inviting clients and stakeholders.

#2 Team Building

A virtual team-building event for a Singapore firm is an occasion where employees participate in various activities to establish and boost team spirit. Holding such an event in a virtual setting allows participants to have fun from the comfort of their own homes.

#3 Fundraising

About a decade ago, it was hard for anyone to learn about a charity or non-profit organisation. However, owing to recent technological advances, an organisation may now organise a virtual fundraising exhibition for their cause in Singapore and abroad. It is becoming one of the most popular methods on the internet for fundraising.

#4 Job Hiring

Companies and organisations can hire new staff by hosting a virtual hiring event in Singapore or abroad. It provides an excellent method for narrowing the application pool. Furthermore, you may find exceptional candidates without investing too much time or money in recruitment.

#5 Retailing

Experts predict that shopping via live streaming will be the next big thing in social media and e-commerce. Many retailers and brands are holding virtual exhibitions for their products. These are online presentations where visitors may buy clothing, cosmetics, and other products. You can also find many brands that choose to throw a hybrid event in Singapore and abroad to showcase their products.

#6 Other Social Agendas

Virtual meetings are not only for business purposes. Due to technological advancements, anybody may organise a virtual event for agendas in Singapore and abroad. Casual virtual social events are now possible. It might involve playing online board games or interactive games with family or friends.

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