7 Advices to Avoid Blunders on Your Medical Check Up

Here is a list of seven pieces of advice that will help you avoid making mistakes on your medical check up at the Singapore hospital or clinic.

#1 Share every medication you take with your physician.

It encompasses every kind of medication you can think of–from prescription to over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals. The doctor should know every medication you take.

#2 Notify them of your allergies and adverse reactions to any drug.

It helps doctors avoid prescribing medications that can harm you after the medical check up at the Singapore facility. Learning this can also help them recommend food if you need to change your diet.

#3 Ask for a list of possible side effects you might experience.

It will let you better prepare for what might happen. The list can also account for unexpected situations.

#4 Do not be afraid to ask your physician any questions.

It is perfectly okay to question anyone that is involved with your care. You should always clarify every point you don’t understand since it’s your body.

#5 You will not always need more examinations.

Most people will have a health screening package their healthcare provider arranges. However, there are times that a physician will ask for additional examinations. Don’t be afraid to question further testing they ask.

#6 No news is not always positive.

It is okay to call the medical facility where you got your medical check up in Singapore for follow-ups. Ask the facility when you can get your results and how you will receive them.

#7 Have someone coordinate your care.

You must coordinate your care, especially if you have quite a few issues and doctors that you see. It will make information sharing more efficient. Never assume that your doctors have all the necessary information. Come to Thomson Wellth to monitor your health or sports injury at their clinic in Singapore. They are a Singapore lifestyle destination and sports injury clinic that strives to be a long-term health partner for its clientele. Thomson Wellth Clinic is also a prominent Singapore sports medicine centre for athletes. Visit their website.