Checkups With A Paediatric ENT In Singapore – 5 Questions To Ask


Visiting the doctor can be a stressful experience for everyone, especially for young children. Checkups with a paediatric ENT or Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists can even be trickier for parents if they aren’t sure what to ask during the screening.

Why Should You Ask Questions When Seeing A Paediatric ENT Specialist In Singapore?

While it is easier to stay silent and listen to everything an ENT doctor in Singapore says, making inquiries on medical consultations can help you better understand your little one and the ailment that has been troubling them. It can address any confusion or misconception about the illness, allowing your child to receive the best healthcare service available.

The 5 Best Questions To Ask A Paediatric ENT Doctor In Singapore

If you and your child plan to see an ENT specialist in Singapore soon, remember to ask these five questions to help make the most out of the checkup.

1. What Tests or Examinations Should My Child Have?

Each child’s specific condition will dictate the assessments they should have. For example, a kid with a chronic ear infection may require a hearing test, while one with a sore throat may need a throat culture to rule out strep throat. Through these tests or examinations, the ENT doctor assigned to your youngster can determine the type of health concern troubling them.

2. How Can We Best Manage My Child’s Condition?

The best way to manage a child’s condition depends on its type and severity. Like for an ear infection, your paediatric ENT doctor in Singapore may prescribe antibiotics. If your little one has a sore throat, the specialist may recommend rest, fluids, and over-the-counter pain medications. Asking about the treatments suitable for your youngster will allow you to take the steps necessary for improving their overall health.

3. What Can I Do at Home to Help My Child?

The paediatric ENT specialist may be able to provide specific instructions and advice on what parents can do to help manage their child’s condition at home. They may be able to give guidance on proper ear or nose cleaning techniques, provide tips on managing nosebleeds, or discuss home remedies for sore throat. Asking the paediatric ENT for specific at-home care tips can help parents feel more involved in their child’s healthcare.

4. What Are the Follow-up Care Instructions?

Once your youngster has received treatment for their ear, nose, throat or hearing condition, you should ask your chosen paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore about any instructions for follow-up care. They might suggest your youngster should receive checkups every few months or attend regular therapy sessions to help manage their condition. Sufficient knowledge about future healthcare plans and guidelines can help ensure your child gets the best possible treatment.

5. What Lifestyle Changes Should We Make to Help My Child’s Condition?

In some cases, the ENT doctor may recommend lifestyle changes to help manage a child’s condition. If a kid has allergies, the specialist may tell them to avoid certain foods or substances that can trigger reactions. Asking the ENT doctor what changes you can make to help your child’s condition can be an invaluable step to managing their condition.

Now that you know what questions to ask a paediatric ENT doctor in Singapore, you are finally ready to book an appointment with Dr Jenica Yong—a specialist that can help address your little one’s health concerns. Check out her website to learn more about her paediatric ENT expertise.