How I Planned Out My Home’s Interior Design in Singapore

How I Planned Out My Homes Interior Design in Singapore

I have always loved interior design, even if I knew nothing about it. I watched countless shows and videos of interior designers transforming an empty room into a beautifully designed home that matches the homeowner perfectly. I’ve always wanted to do that with my own home, but since I never pursued a career in interior design, I need to figure out where to begin. I decided to hire a reliable interior designer in Singapore who can help make my ideas and vision come to life. Here’s how I designed my first home.

1. Set a Budget

The first thing I knew I had to do was to set my budget. I didn’t want to become too ambitious, only to discover that my budget couldn’t make my vision happen. Since I hired top interior designers in Singapore to help me achieve my dream, I decided to discuss this with them. They said that since they’ll be buying the furniture and other materials for my home’s interior design, all I have to think about is how much their final payment will be. We decided on an estimated price range I was comfortable with and then moved on to the next step.

2. Create a Mood Board

To start the interior design process, I first need to define my vision for my home clearly. I started by looking up some interior design ideas in Singapore on websites such as Pinterest to create my mood board. The mood board will be able to express the general aesthetic I’m going for, while my interior design team can use it as a reference when they start sketching out the design. They can also pick out colour palettes and specific pieces of furniture from the pictures included in the mood board.

Create a Mood Board

3. Make a Room Layout Plan

Finally, creating a layout plan with my interior design team will give them an outline to work off of, so we tried to work together to achieve this. My new home was an entirely new landed property, which meant we could do whatever we wanted with the home interior design in Singapore. While my design team did the measurements, we determined what goes inside each room, where to put each furniture piece, and renovations that needed to be done, such as elevation. Once we figured out a rough draft, my team finalised it by creating a digital 3D model of the finished product, which looked exactly how I envisioned it.

Ultimately, I achieved my goal of creating the interior design for my home. However, I could only have done it by hiring the top interior designers in Singapore. They were open-minded towards my ideas and polished them using their expertise so that they could professionally fulfil my vision.

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