The Essential Glossary of the Gambling Games

Essential Glossary of the Gambling Games

Gambling terms refer to the vocabulary gamblers use when playing different casino games. Most of the terms are specific to certain games, and you have to know them before playing. Here you will find an essential glossary containing the main terminologies for the most popular games of chance:

Slot gambling terms

Slots are one of the most popular casino games. Many people today use casino apps to play slot games online using their mobile phones. When playing modern video slots, you will encounter a number of different slot gambling terms, such as bonus rounds and multipliers. A bonus round is an extra round with different rules to the base game and usually has higher payouts. A multiplier is a special symbol that increases payout if it is part of a winning pay line. Cascading reels are when you hit a winning combination and the winning symbols ‘explode’. This frees space for new symbols that could trigger another win. Scatter symbols are special bonus symbols.

Poker gambling terms

If you want to play poker, it’s important to learn poker gambling terms. To ‘raise’ means you bet a sum higher than the previous bet. Other players must match it. If you ‘call’, you match the bet of a previous player. You will stay in the game without having to raise the bet. If no one has bet, you can ‘check’. You don’t bet but you stay in the game. To ‘fold’ means that you surrender your hand. If you ‘bluff’, you may take an action such as a raise on a bad hand. You do this to try and deceive your opponents.

Online lotteries today allow people to access more lotteries than using traditional outlets. Online lottery sites usually offer welcome bonuses, free tickets, and other incentives. In the same way, people can now enjoy playing poker online. They can even play poker online with a live dealer.

Blackjack gambling terms

You have to learn new words if you want to play blackjack. A ‘hole card’ and ‘up card’ both refer to dealer cards. The former is an unexposed card and the latter is an exposed card. The dealing ‘shoe’ is the container in which the deck of cards is placed. A ‘bust card’ is any card that takes your hand totaling over 21. A ‘breaking hand’ is a hand that doesn’t contain an ace and totals between 12 and 16. The dealer will say ‘too many!’ when you take a card and go over 21.