BBQs 2U – Offers Masterbuilt or Kamado Joe for The Best BBQing Experience


BBQs 2U store is all about barbequing. It was established in 2022. The shop is located in Abersoch, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL537UD, UK [Mainland]. For more info visit their website or send them an email.

BBQs 2U offers barbeque brands they personally test for performance, durability, and quality. It includes Masterbuilt, Napoleon, Kamado Joe, and Ooni Pizza oven. It is a family-owned shop too passionate about barbequing. Customers prepared to get grilling outdoor need to be completely prepared for the success of their outdoor BBQing feast.

Read ‘About Us BBQ Business’ details on their webpage. Barbequing is more than preparing a few meat slabs and serving with tomato sauce lashings and limp salad. Cook treats that cooker allows on a barbeque. Discuss needs with the BBQs 2U family to find the right BBQ. For optimal results ensure to choose a BBQ with a lid/hood. The Kamado Joe collection has a lid/hood, which when closed allows the heat and smoke to deflect evenly across the food surface. This helps to thoroughly cook the food and achieve desired BBQ flavor and taste.

Napoleon brand includes fat drip trays/ash collector that catches the fat/ash while cooking. These can be removed easily making cleanup stress-free later in the night. Look for a griddle [metal plate]. It allows cooking different dishes ranging from boiling beans to stir-fried onions simultaneously with meat cooking on the main grill.

Masterbuilt is a charcoal grill that allows attaining the authentic smoky flavor everyone savors. It is used as a roaster, smoker, and even pizza oven. Experiment with different wood chip types for exclusive flavors like hickory and mesquite.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series includes a digital fan control feature that directs airflow from the hopper to the cooking chamber. It means to set the temperature and forget it! Charcoal is gravity-fed, so no messy task handling the coals. Top the Gravity-fed hopper and watch it feeds! Masterbuilt app allows monitoring and managing grills from a remote region. No need to sit around and watch the food cooking but visit the mall or go shopping!

Ooni Pizza oven is versatile. It cooks with different fuel options including charcoal, gas, pellets, and wood. Ooni is designed for the outdoor and is either transportable or portable. Serve not just great pizzas but bake veggies, roast fish, sear steaks, and make fresh bread in the backyard or at the beach or by the lakeside. Choose from Ooni Koda, Ooni Fyra, Ooni Pro, and Ooni Karu.

Barbequing brings family and friends together. They can enjoy the outdoors chatting, laughing, and sharing stories while reducing screen time [especially after the Covid-19 pandemic]. Cooking on fire is something special because there is less washing up!

BBQs 2U have a strong relationship with the brand manufacturers and in-depth knowledge about BBQs ranging from innovative technology to construction quality. On YouTube, there are videos posted on how to take advantage of the BBQs purchased and make the investment worth. Even gain information on how the different accessories can help to up the grilling game!