Top 5 Items to Take On Your Lake Vacation

lake cresent

Vacations provide such an exciting time to explore lakes in state parks and other areas near you. You want to plan your packing, so that you and your family are able to join in all the fun activities at the lake. Continue reading for ideas on what to pack for your next lake vacation.

  1. Food and Refreshments

The location of your lake vacation may alter the list of what you need to bring with you. If there are restaurants that are nearby and you plan to dine out, exclude those meals from your packing list. Otherwise, pack what you need for each meal and snacks. Plan your meals for each day. Create your packing list based on your meal plan.

You may need to plan a quick trip to the local store for perishable items.

  1. Linens and Toiletries

Check the website or with the person from whom you are renting your lake house. Some places require that you bring your own sheets and towels; other rentals provide those for you. Along with towels for showering, remember to pack towels for the beach and other water activities. On your list for toiletries, see if you need to bring your own toilet paper. Otherwise, your list should include shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body lotion, brushes, and sunblock for your basics.

  1. Lake Activities

Outline your itinerary for your vacation as you explore lakes. For each day of your lake vacation, list possible activities. Then begin developing that packing list. Add the clothes and swimwear that you will need. Hiking and/or biking gear should be packed. Be sure to include enough socks! Plan for variations in the weather.

  1. Leisure Time

Pack some card games, books to read, arts and crafts activities. You will want items that will interest all the people in your traveling party. In case it rains, add some board games to your packing list. For the sunny days, an inflatable raft will be a perfect addition. Sunglasses are a necessity!

  1. Just in Case – First Aid

While accidents can and do happen anytime and anywhere, exploring lakes and being in a new environment can cause a misstep or two. Basic first aid supplies will soothe a blister or bug bite or a sunburn. Add bandages, pain medicine, mole skin, anti-itch cream, and bug repellent to your packing list.