Facts To Know About Vertebral Fractures


    One of the reasons why you need spine surgery is due to some fracture in the spine, and this occurs when there is a compression of one of the vertebrae caused by some trauma. For this to happen, we are talking that the injury must be of a high level for a fracture to occur.

    However, when people suffer from a disease, such as bone cancer, the vertebrae are fragile and can break more easily. At the same time, when it comes to an older person, they are also more likely to suffer a fracture. It is the lower back vertebrae that are most likely to suffer a rupture, of course, any vertebra is exposed to this.

    Cause Of Vertebral Fractures

    As spinal surgeon Basingstoke have said, issues in the spine happen due to excessive pressure on this part of the body. This occurs when the spine undergoes some bending abnormally either forward or down.

    Another common factor is the suffering of osteoporosis, since this condition thins and weakens the bones; after a while, they are no longer able to withstand enormous pressures to such a degree that they can be fractured when the person performs some daily activity.

    When suffering from osteoporosis, the person is exposed to experience what is known as spinal compression fractures, this type of trauma can significantly alter the strength and even the shape of the spine.

    Although a fracture can heal on its own and the pain it causes will eventually disappear, there are times when the bone being pressed does not improve as it should. Therefore, the pain remains, since when suffering from this type of disease and when it is already in an advanced point, any movement can represent a risk of fracture either by compression or crushing. When women who suffer from it are elderly, it is common that when they have a fracture, they lose height or get a hump.