How Portable Evaporative Cooler Works


Summer is usually a fantastic time of the year. You get to enjoy the sunny beach, ice-cream runs, and maybe a summer vacation. However, when it comes to staying indoors, it’s not always fun because of the heat. Although there are traditional air conditioners available to help you beat the heat, a cost-effective option would be a portable evaporative cooler. It uses the evaporation of water to keep the air cool in your home while adding humidity to the air too. If you’re confused about how portable evaporative coolers work, keep reading this article to gain some insight.

How Does It Work?

A portable evaporative cooler is a cooling unit that uses an inbuilt fan to draw in air. The air is circulated over the cooling pads, and as they pass over the damp pad, the water is converted into a moist vapor. The fan blows this moist vapor into the room, and it extracts the heat from the air to lower the temperature. This process makes the room feel cooler. It acts like the natural cooling process where the body sweats in the heat, and when the heat evaporates, the body temperature is lower.

A portable evaporative cooler also comes in handy for those who live in locations with dry climates. Portable evaporative coolers can add humidity back to the air. This way, it can help solve dry skin, itchy eyes, or sore throats. Evaporative coolers are easy to install in a home or commercial building. It can be placed on the floor, installed in windows, or built right into the walls.

Are They Effective

Portable cooling units are pretty practical and cost-effective solutions for your home. Commercially, they can be used to effectively cool down office settings, factories, and business places. There are different sizes of portable evaporative coolers if you want to save space or have them fitted into a small space. They also help you save up on energy bills, and they only need water and electricity to work. The best part of a portable evaporative cooler is that, unlike air conditioning units, you can use them in outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces. They do not use chemical emissions like refrigerated air does and, therefore, prevent air pollution. They are an excellent option for places with hot and dry climates because while keeping you cool, they also add moisture to the air. A portable evaporative cooler is a perfect option because it is healthier, safer, and also energy-efficient.