Having a proper knowledge of when to transplant your cannabis plants from one cannabis pot to another cannabis pot can help to literally tip the scales in the direction of when your harvest time should come, having this knowledge can also mean a whole to the proper growth of your cannabis plant as it will prevent your plants from exposure to many hindrances that can limit the proper growth of cannabis plant in a cannabis pot. If you are into the business of growing cannabis or you are just venturing into such a business it is important that you learn all that you need to know about when to transplant your plant from some set of pots to another set of cannabis pots. We will be running over and explaining about five points in this article that will serve as a pointer toward when one needs to pay attention to transplanting that cannabis plant into another cannabis pot.

  • The Size of the Plant: A cannabis planter must pay optimal attention to the growth of their plant to ensure that the size of the plant is monitored as they grow by the day. Once you notice that the plant has visibly outgrown the pot, then it is time to transplant your cannabis into another cannabis pot. You can look at the number of nodes as a guideline for transplanting.
  • The Speed of Growth: There is another thing that is called the speed of the growth of your cannabis plants, even though we plant all of them at the same time some sets of cannabis plants just grow faster than others. Once you notice that your plant in the cannabis pot is growing faster than the size of the pot then it is time to transplant it into another pot. A pointer to determine which plant has the tendency to grow faster is the number of fan leaves that they have, plants with more fan leaves have the tendency of more photosynthetic action and that can grant them bigger size.
  • Root Development: When you start noticing that your cannabis plant is root bound or the roots have started coming out of the cannabis pot, then there is a need for transplanting.
  • Watering Problem: When your plant starts having an issue with water probably the pot gets to dry up quickly then it could be a pointer that you need a bigger pot.
  • Growth Impediment: When you notice that the cannabis pace of growth is very slow or seemingly has a sickly appearance then it could be a problem of undersized pot you may have to transplant the cannabis plant into a bigger-sized cannabis pot.