Where Exactly Is The Best Area To Stay In Lombok? This Is The Recommendation

Lombok is one of Indonesia’s most stunning islands. Located 35km east of Bali, Lombok’s breathtaking landscape is made up of noodle woods, coral-fringed beaches and a lush inside rice paddies and tobacco fields. From the north, you can lift the thrilling slopes of the almighty Gunung Rinjani, a still-active volcano, and the next highest peak in Indonesia. You can also see hot springs and waterfalls. Lombok’s key attraction is the superb coastline and the three bewitching Gili Islands, lapped by brilliant blue water and snow-white shores.

Suppose you are trying to find a mixture of beach, leisure activities, nightlife, and restaurants. In that case, Senggigi is the best place to stay. The region surrounding Kuta offers miles of unspoiled beaches backed by verdant green hills and a stunning, rugged landscape and has been still a popular place to stay with those seeking out the excellent surfing conditions. There’s no other better place to live than the remarkable Gili Islands, even if you wish to live out this desert island dream. Here are some recommended areas to stay in Lombok.

  1. Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the biggest in the three Gili Islands, which float in the aquamarine ocean, a 30-minute boat ride from Lombok’s northwest coast. Just a few islands offer such an attractive combination of dramatic landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine life.

Gili Trawangan has many types of places to stay that are intended to satisfy all budgets. There isn’t any motorized transport on this island, meaning that the only means you can travel is by foot, by bicycle or about pony carts called Cidomos. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to cycle around the circumference of the staircase. After the day, tap your toes into the sand and then sip on a cocktail beneath the summery skies while watching the fiery sun bid its farewell and dip beneath the ocean. At night there’s a diverse nightlife out of music and DJs to relaxing cocktail pubs.

  1. Senggigi

Senggigi is Lombok‘s most crucial arrival hub and prettiest destination. It is nestled amid a series of exquisite sweeping bays that run north to south along the west shore of the island, one hour’s drive from Lombok airport. Although it is by far the most developed area on the staircase, the speed is slow. It is an excellent place to settle in for its combination of beach and water sports, nightlife, and restaurants.

Senggigi is also a good foundation from which to explore the remainder of the island, and you will find lots of hiking opportunities and experience tours to Gunung Rinjani volcano. With its primary drag, you’ll see a variety of helpful amenities such as travel agents, stores, supermarkets, ATMs, and currency changers. It is famed for its kaleidoscopic sunsets, which can be appreciated while kicking back with a cocktail in hand, at a few of many beachfront bars and restaurants. There is a variety of nightclubs and live music sites that keep going until the early hours.

  1. Gili Air

Gili Air has an excellent balance of harmony, comfort, and leisure activities. Lapped by turquoise-blue water and also fringed by bright, soft white sand and gently swaying coconut trees, Gili Air is your best escape. It is popular with honeymoon couples and willing castaways. They come to feel peace, an easy-going vibe, and sheer natural beauty. The only means to travel around the island would be by foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carts are known as Cidomos. The water is usually shallow before committing to coral reefs in which you will discover excellent holiday opportunities. You can also take a glass-bottomed boat further out to find turtles.

There are many places to remain on the island that cover all budgets and a great choice of restaurants and sunset-facing beachfront pubs and eateries. Even though Gili Air is calmer than its big brother Gili Trawangan, it’s still possible to find a fantastic selection of chilled cocktail pubs and even the odd dance party in high season.

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