5 Steps You Need To Be Aware Of If Interested In Becoming a Dentist


Specializing in one segment of medical science requires extensive qualification and practice in the chosen field. Before you continue your dental practice in Lincoln, NE, you should understand certain factors that will lead you to dentistry.

Following are a few steps you need to keep in mind before opting to become a dentist:

  • Complete Advanced Placement Courses

It is not so easy to become a dentist unless you have the zeal and passion to continue studying further from the high school level. There are certain AP courses (related to biology, physics, and chemistry) that you must take to enter the world of dentistry. You have access to these courses right at the high school level. These courses are advanced and are generally more difficult and intensive than the courses you take to complete your honors degree. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree is a Must

A bachelor’s degree is compulsory to enter the school of dental studies. These schools require you to complete your bachelor’s, majoring in biology, chemistry, and physics. These subjects are in the default list with the addition of a pre-dental training program. Biology is the subject that leads to healthcare. Talk to your academic counselor about a pre-medical program so it becomes easier for you to get admission to a dental college. 

  • Practical Healthcare Experience

It is always advisable to include a lot of practicing while you earn a dental degree. This practical experience can come in three ways – volunteering, internships, and shadowing. Many students connect with experienced dentists and professionals by joining certain pre-dental and pre-medical associations or clubs. Some students take a year’s gap to work under an experienced dentist to gain practical experience. 

  • Enroll for the Dental Admissions Test

The DAT is a compulsory standard test to get admission to a dental school. This test normally runs for four and a half hours and includes 280 questions. It consists of Reading Comprehension, Survey of the Natural Science, Quantitative Reasoning, and Perceptual Ability. There are specialized preparation courses, practice tests, and review books that can help you clear these tests. You can enroll for the DAT three times. 

  • Complete DDM or DDS Degree

Before you start your dental practice in Lincoln, NE, you need to complete a four-year DDM (stands for Dental Medicine) or DDS (stands for Dental Surgery) degree. Before applying for such a degree, analyze its total cost, place, curriculum, and career placement offers. Your DAT scores, additional activities, grades, and other factors are considered by CAP (Central Application System) – a program used by dental schools to grant you a degree.